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Smoking in Pregnancy

Protecting your baby from tobacco smoke is one of the best things you can do to give your child a healthy start in life. It’s never too late to stop smoking.

Smoking in Pregnancy

Smoking when pregnant harms the unborn baby as cigarettes can limit the baby’s oxygen supply, making its heart beat harder each time its mum smokes. If a mother smokes, her baby is more likely to be born premature. Second-hand (passive) smoke from others can harm babies too, with more bronchitis and pneumonia in their first year of life.

Benefits of stopping smoking in pregnancy

Stopping smoking in pregnancy gives immediate benefits to both you and your baby. Harmful chemicals disappear. Babies will have less chance of cot death. The earlier mum stops smoking, the better, but even stopping in the last few weeks before birth still brings benefits to their babies. For further information please see NHS website.

The most successful way to stop smoking is with the help of Stop Smoking Services.

You can access a service by calling 01922 270477 or 01922 444044.

The support you can expect from a Stop Smoking Service in Walsall:

  • The service, delivered by a qualified stop smoking advisor over 12 weeks, provides support to help deal with the day to day challenges associated with stopping smoking for example cravings as well as medication support:

    • This will include an assessment of your nicotine dependence

    • Support that could be one to one support or group support at a range of times and places to suit you and could include home or work

    • Medication support including Nicotine Replacement Therapy

    • A measure of your smoking status at 4 and 12 weeks

  • Further support options via telephone, text, online and via Skype may also be available

  • You can self refer, be referred by a healthcare professional or a Stop Smoking Service themselves may recruit to their services

  • The service is free to all current tobacco smokers aged 12 years or older who either live in Walsall, are registered with a Walsall GP or work in Walsall.

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