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NHS Continuing Healthcare

NHS Continuing Healthcare


NHS Continuing Healthcare means a package of ongoing care that is arranged and funded solely by the National Health Service (NHS) local Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) to meet health and associated social care needs that have arisen as a result of disability, accident or illness.

People over 18 years of age who have been assessed as having a ’primary health need’ are entitled to NHS Continuing Healthcare. Eligibility for NHS Continuing Healthcare is not dependent on a particular disease, diagnosis or condition, nor on who provides the care or where that care is provided.

NHS Continuing Healthcare is free, unlike support provided by local authorities, which may involve the individual making a financial contribution depending on income and savings. It is the responsibility of the Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) to decide the appropriate package of support for someone who is eligible for NHS Continuing Healthcare.

An assessment can be requested from the local CCG if a screening tool called a “CHC Checklist” is completed and is positive. A GP, hospital or community nurse, or a social care professional may be able to complete this for you, if needed. From receipt of a Positive Checklist, the local CCG has 28 days in order to complete a full assessment of eligibility.

There are significant differences between children and young people’s continuing care and NHS Continuing Healthcare for adults. Although a child or young person may be in receipt of a package of continuing care, they may not be eligible for NHS Continuing Healthcare. The CCG will assess any young person in receipt of continuing care when they are aged 16-17, to see if they are likely to be eligible for NHS Continuing Healthcare when they turn 18.

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