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Get home safe

The majority of revellers that come for a night out in Walsall have a great time and get home safely without any problems.

Unfortunately for a very small percentage the night does not end happily.

Don’t be one of the unlucky ones!

Make sure you know how you are getting home.

Don’t drink and drive. Use public transport

Use a licensed private hire vehicle or black cab

Arrange for a friend or member of your family to pick you up

Only use cabs or licensed private hire cars, which are identified by door signs/plates/logos etc. Never get into an unmarked vehicle.

Get home Safe Poster

Try to plan ahead, it is always easier to plan your transport when you are sober and have your wits about you.

If you want to use a Private hire vehicle then pre-book your journey home in advance. Planning ahead will avoid last minute desperate decisions.

Keep taxi numbers handy. If you are out at a venue and do not have any numbers, ask a member of staff to recommend a licensed firm. Do not accept lifts from strangers.

Find out the price. Get a quote for booking over the phone so that you can set aside enough money to get home. Private hire cars do not have meters and there are no price limits. Get the vehicle details. Ask if the operator can tell you the colour and make of the car that is picking you up. It’s safer to know the vehicle you are looking for.

If you want to use a black cab then the late night ranks are in Lichfield Street, Bridge Street and Bradford Place. But remember you can flag them down.

The driver should always set the meter and the fare given is not per person it is for the journey.

Sit in the back. Choose the seat behind the driver as this puts you the furthest out of reach. If a group of you are travelling ensure the last person who will get out sits there.

If you chat to the driver, don’t reveal any personal information.

If you feel nervous, phone a friend (or pretend to). This will make it less likely for anything to occur. If you are seriously concerned, phone the police immediately.

Of course we want people who are heading out to parties and nights out to enjoy themselves in the town centre, but also to remain safe.