Mockingbird will shape the vision for our fostering service during the next 5 years and beyond.  It will help to support our growing community of foster carers and the children and young people they care for.  Our vision is for all fostered children and young people to experience love, care, support and stability. Programmes do not create nurturing homes, dedicated adults do.  Systems don’t raise children, families and communities do.  Institutions don’t change lives, relationships do.
Mockingbird is an innovative way of delivering foster care with the potential to improve placement stability, safety and permanence for children and young people in care, and to improve support for and retention of, foster carers.
Mockingbird centres on the idea of an extended network of family support, empowering families to support each other and overcome challenges before they escalate, and to offer children and young people a more positive, consistent, and secure experience of care.
Community, connectedness, continuity of care, consistency and relationship building are all foundational to the vision of Mockingbird. Inspiring our children, young people and carers to love, learn and live together as part of a local community. 

We will be establishing our first Mockingbird fostering constellations in Summer 2018, initially bringing together six to ten families in each.  A combination of newly approved foster carers and experienced foster carers may be offered the opportunity to join in with a supportive Mockingbird constellation.  Current Walsall foster carers who are interested in becoming part of a Mockingbird constellation can call 0800 923 3706 for more information. 

You can also find out more by visiting www.
Fostering Network’s short film about the Mockingbird Fostering Programme:
Downloads; Mockingbird Vision.pdf