Why foster with Walsall Council?


1. We are at the heart of Walsall

This means that your support network, training courses, meetings, and social events are local to you and accessible whenever you need them.


2. Generous fostering payment scheme

Newly approved foster carers can expect to be paid between £200 and £600 per week caring for Walsall children. In addition to this payment, you will also receive an allowance for each child in your care which ranges from £135 to £215 per child per week. The allowance should cover items such as clothing, toiletries, outings, pocket money, savings, and contribution to household costs. You will also receive annual birthday and festival allowances which range from £200 to £360 as well as an additional two weeks allowance for holidays per child. For more information, please see our Payment Scheme.


3. You could become a part of Mockingbird

The mockingbird programme is an invaluable source of support to foster carers. Foster carers benefit from an extended family model where they are able to make real, positive connections with other local foster carers and draw from their expertise. Find out more about Mockingbird here.


4. Regular placements

As we are responsible for placing the children in our care, we will always try to place them with our own Walsall Council foster carers first. This means that you are more likely to have regular placements which suit your matching preferences. We will try to avoid placing Walsall children with independent fostering agencies as these homes can be further away from what the child knows.


5. Membership with leading national charity, 'Fostering Network'

We provide all of our foster carers with membership to the 'Fostering Network' which gives you access to a range of resources including legal protection insurance (up to the value of £150,000); dedicated advice helplines; invitations to exclusive events; and discounts on cinema tickets, days out, and holidays,


6. Receive a 'Max Card'

The max card is available to all of our foster carers and entitles you to a range of discounts from national retailers including discounted tickets at attractions around the UK.

If you are interested in fostering and would like to know more, fill out our enquiry form today!

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