Transferring to Foster for Walsall Council


Are you already fostering for another agency or local authority? Do you live within 20 miles of Walsall? If so, transferring to Walsall has never been easier.

We welcome foster carers who are already working with independent fostering agencies or other local authorities. We follow the Fostering Network’s ‘Transfer Protocol’, which means you could become a foster carer with Walsall Council in as little as four months. 

There are many reasons why fostering for Walsall may be a better fit for you. Find out why here.

Many foster carers decide to transfer from independent fostering agencies to fostering for Walsall due to the amazing support and placement matching we can offer.

As the local authority, we are responsible for all Walsall children who come into care. This means we will always prioritise matching these children with our own foster carers before considering external placements. This policy enables us to make more suitable matches between our foster carers and children.

As an approved foster carer, you may not need to go through the whole recruitment process again. You will instead come under the Fostering Network’s transfer protocol.

The first step in beginning your transfer is getting in touch with us. Fill out the form below and we will give you a call to explain the process further and begin your journey to becoming a foster carer for Walsall Council!

Transfer Request Form

By filling out the below form, you give consent for the information you have provided to be retained confidentially and used for the purposes of processing your enquiry. The information may also be used by the fostering team to send appropriate marketing communications. For more information, please see our privacy policy.