Report A Street Problem Within Walsall


Use this form to report highway problems such as: 

* Blocked drains on the highway
* Dropped kerb crossings
* Highway repairs following utility work
* Manhole covers
* Obstructive parking
* Potholes
* Road and pavement defects
* Road markings
* Road signs
* Skips and scaffolding
* Speeding traffic
* Traffic calming

If the problem is a blocked drain on your property, you will need to contact your water provider. They can be contacted on the following free-phone numbers:
South Staffs 08003891011
Severn Trent 0800 783 4444

Electrical items such as street lights and illuminated street signs are maintained under contract by Amey Highways. Please use the Amey Highways report form (the button below will redirect you to this page) to report problems with such items. 

For out of hours emergencies, please call 01922 650000 (call Amey on 0800 389 1732 for emergencies involving street lights or illuminated street signs).