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Registrar's Certificate Order

Thank you for accessing the Walsall Register Office website to apply for birth, death marriage or civil partnership certificates. You must provide a telephone number with email and postal address to order certificates on-line. Payment is with credit or debit card.

All applications for Birth, Death, Marriage or Civil Partnership certificates must be applied for online and not in person there are no collection services available at Walsall Register Office. 

All certificates will be posted to you 1st class signed at a charge of £6.00 this will be added to your order

We can only supply certificates for births, marriages and deaths that occurred in the Walsall registration district.  If you request a certificate and we find that the birth, marriage/civil partnership or death did not occur in Walsall, your payment will NOT be refunded.

Please note – the certificate fee includes a search fee which is non-refundable

Please be aware that we have fraud monitoring systems in place, any attempts to obtain certificates by providing false information are recorded and repeated attempts will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

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