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Application form for bigger grey / green wheeled bin for larger families

Where there are 4 or more people in permanent residence at a property and you think you will struggle with the recycling and rubbish collections we may exchange your bin for a larger one free of charge. The size of bin(s) you will be given are as follows;

Properties with 4 or 5 occupants

240 Litre grey bin

240 Litre green bin

Properties with 6 or more occupants

240 Litre grey bin

360 Litre green bin

In exceptional circumstances a 360 litre grey bin may be issued for very large families. Such applications are considered on a case by case basis.
If you are a household of 3 people you may be eligible for a larger bin if you demonstrate a genuine need for one and are already recycling effectively. This includes having a child under 3 living at the property or shared parental responsibility for a child or children which increases the number of residents to 4 or more,

Before you begin this application please make sure you have your evidence and documentation ready to upload.  You will not be able to save this form to return to later