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Forest Schools

School's out! (...in the forest!)
The philosophy of Forest Schools is to encourage and inspire individuals of any age through positive outdoor experiences.  Forest Schools leaders run activities for groups, incorporating outdoor bushcraft skills to build the student's confidence in an outdoor environment.  So much more than just a 'Natural Classroom', Forest Schools uses outdoor and woodland environments to encourage the creativity, skills and confidence of students of any age, from pre-school to adult.  
Forest School activities
What's it all about then?
Forest Schools is most effective when delivered as 'regular and continuous learning in an outdoor environment', so we encourage groups and classes to book a series of sessions, which will build up basic skills such as communication, teamwork, self confidence, and self esteem.  Participants will see these skills develop and grow over a number of sessions.  
What kind of activities are there to choose from?
Forest School sessions may incorporate a number of activities including Den building, games, natural art, knots, tool use, construction activities, fire lighting, outdoor cooking and free play.  Every group's Forest School experience will be different, as the activities are always tailored to the group's needs.  the Forest School ethos is focused on learner-led activities, to develop the strengths of the participants, so if your group shows an interest and aptitude for a particular activity, that will be encouraged and built upon.
Forest Schools training
Who is it for?
Anyone who is interested in becoming more confident working in the outdoors. It is particularly suitable for teaching staff, scout/guide leaders, nursery workers, and for those who lead walks or activities of any kind.   
What will I learn?
Forest schools trainees will learn about the history of Forest Schools and how it came about, how to plan, organise and deliver Forest Schools activities to groups of all ages. You'll learn how to build confidence in your students by encouraging them to take a lead in their own development. Using skills from den-building to fire-lighting and campfire cooking, you will inspire, support and encourage your students in an outdoor setting. 
Level 1:
Aims to build knowledge and confidence in the safe use of equipment and tools. You'll learn basic woodland skills, from identification of trees, to knot-tying and fire lighting. You'll learn how to use natural learning environment to enable your learner groups to develop thier own skills and grow in confidence.
Level 2:
The level 2 course builds on the Level 1 experience, introducing creative ways to engage with groups of all ages..It also introduces different activities that you can use to develop and diversify the Forest School sessions that you deliver. You'll build yet more woodland skills, with the confidence to be able to pass on what you know and in turn build the skills of your students. As a Level 2 practitioner, you will be trained to support a Level 3 practitioner in developing and leading activities.
        Part of this course involves designing and delivering a Forest School programme alongside a level 3 practitioner
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