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Fishing in Walsall

There are many fishing areas thoughout the Borough of Walsall, including parks, pools, canals and countryside sites.  The sites on this page are managed by Walsall Countryside Services.  For information on fishing in Parks, go to the Parks Fishing Page.
ng licences
Rod licences are issued by the Environment Agency, and can be obtained from most Post Offices. If you require any information or would like to apply online for a licence, please visit the Environment Agency website.  A rod licence is essential in order to fish at any of the sites listed below.
Conditions of use for angling
Fishing can only take place from the banks of the pool with a rod and line.
No night fishing is allowed.
Do not take away or allow anyone to take away any fish caught from the pool.
Do not use keep nets (except in official competitions)
All litter, damaged fishing tackle, broken lines, unused bait etc must be taken away with you when you leave.
Do not light any fires.
The use of lead weights is not allowed.
Do not interfere with local wildlife.
Show consideration to other users of the pool and local residents.
Informal Fishing Sites (not managed for fishing)
Oily Goughs
An informal fishing site. Fishing is allowed in the north pool (furthest from Willenhall Lane), and is discouraged in the other two pools, which are wildlife areas. The southernmost pool has recently been reprofiled and the fish have all been translocated into the north pond.
Fibbersley Local Nature Reserve - Water levels vary, no pegs (mixed coarse fish)
There are two pools with fish at Fibbersley, containing mixed coarse fish.  There are no built fishing pegs at this site, and the water levels vary considerably.  The pools are not actively stocked.  Anglers should note that there is a population of legally protected Great Crested Newts on site at Fibbersley.  These newts (and their habitats) are protected by UK and European legislation, making it is an offence to disturb or harm them.  'Disturbance' includes photography, handling and catching with nets, traps or by hand.
Clayhanger Common
Some informal fishing takes place on the 'lagoon' at Clayhanger Common.  Fishing is not allowed at O'Grady's Pool.
Moorcroft Wood
Informal fishing is allowed in the large pool at Moorcroft Wood.  The smaller pools do not have any fish and are therefore reserved for wildlife.  
Public (Open) Fishing Sites
Park lime Pits (Large Pool)
The large pool at Park Lime Pits is used for public fishing of Roach, Tench, Perch, Carp and Pike.  The smaller pool is reserved for wildlife & education activities and fishing is prohibited.  Anglers are asked to be aware that the protected species, our native White Clawed Crayfish has been recorded in the pools of Park Lime Pits.  Should you encounter one of them, we ask that you do not remove them from the pool, and do not relocate them to any other areas of the site.  The species is protected by European and UK Wildlife Legislation and it is an offence to disturb them.
Private Fishing Sites (Under Angling Club Stewardship)
Sneyd Reservoir
The site is managed under a stewardship agreement with Mossley Angling Club and Community Friends.  The facilities at Sneyd Reservoir include recently renovated fishing pegs and paths.
Leyland's Farm
Leyland's Farm Angling Club manage and bailiff the pool at Leyland's Farm.  Membership of the Angling Club is free.  In 2011 the site underwent a full reprofiling of the pond and audit of the fish populations within it.  As a result of these improvement works, it is anticipated that there will be no fishing at Leyland's Farm until at least summer 2012. Please check back here for updates.
Mill Lane
Formerly a public fishing site, Mill Lane will shortly be entering into management under a stewardship agreement with a newly formed Mill Lane Angling Club.  If you are interested in becoming a member of the club, bailiffing the site, or would like to be involved in the establishment of the new angling club, please contact Walsall Countryside Services on 01922 459813.
Fishing is not allowed at the following sites:
O'Grady's Pool, Clayhanger Common
Pelsall North Common (All pools)
Moat Farm Pool
Brownhills Common (All pools)
Stubbers Green (All pools)
Small Pools at Moorcroft Wood
South pools at Oily Goughs
Small pool at Park Lime Pits
For information on fishing in Walsall's Parks, visit the Parks Fishing Page.
Contact us
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01922 653344