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It may sometimes be necessary to exclude a pupil from school because of disciplinary problems, this will only be carried out by the head teacher.  
The process of exclusion is covered by the Education Act 2002 and associated regulations.
There are two types of exclusion:
Fixed period exclusion
These last for a short period of time, after the time has lapsed the pupil must return to the school.  If the exclusion is for longer than one day, the school must arrange for work to be issued and marked.  
Permanent exclusion
The pupil must leave the school and will not be allowed to return, this is usually only done in serious cases of misconduct or as a last resort after all other forms of discipline and/or counselling has failed to change the child’s behaviour.  
If your child is excluded from school, you will have the right to make representations to the school’s governing body if they agree with the decision of the head teacher you can appeal to the Independent Appeal Panel.  
If a permanent exclusion is given to a pupil, the Local Authority has a duty to provide suitable education either at another school, or a referral unit.