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Street Cleansing Schedules

For street cleansing the borough is split into twenty operational areas which coincide with Walsall’s ward boundaries. We visit some areas more often than others and decide how often to visit an area based on how quickly the local environment deteriorates to an unacceptable standard.

The street cleansing team work in each area for 4 days, including Saturday and Sunday, to carry out a thorough clean of the streets.

As part of this we will

• Litter pick
• Sweep the roads and paths
• Remove weeds
• Clean around street furniture such as signs, railings, bins or benches.

We ask that residents keep the footpaths and roads clear of obstructions on the days we are scheduled to be in your area.

Please move any parked cars so that our road sweepers have access to sweep the gutters!

Find out when we are in your area