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Educational visits

Educational visits provide a valuable opportunity for pupils to encounter experiences which are unavailable within the classroom or school environment.
These trips can also help build confidence and independence in a child and help them gain more appreciation of the subject matter.
They can range from a simple visit to the local museum, or may involve a day trip further afield to see an historical site for example.  It also includes trips abroad or to activity centres ranging from one to two weeks away.  
Any visits will normally involve a fee, details of which will be notified by the school.  Parents and Guardians will be informed about all trip details, their children attend.
As with most things in life, outings particularly those involving activities do have a risk factor. However, it is important to bear in mind that accidents are rare and precautions are taken prior to and during any school trip.  If you have any concerns about an educational visit being arranged for your child, always contact their head teacher to discuss your worries.
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