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Dog control

Walsall Council officers are working to clamp down on the problem of dog fouling in the borough and are reminding dog owners that a person may be issued with a £50 fixed penalty fine, if they do not clean up or alternatively may be prosecuted through the Magistrates' Court, where the maximum fine is £1,000.
A spokesman said: “We are backing the Keep Britain Tidy campaign which aims to raise awareness that any litter bin can be used to dispose of dog mess.
“In recent years, there has been a growing problem of dog waste bags found hanging on trees, on railings or stuffed in hedges. It would appear that some dog owners are picking up their dog’s mess but are then simply dumping the bags.
“This is not acceptable. There are litter bins dotted throughout the borough and it is easy for dog owners to dispose of it responsibly.”
Foul Play Poster
Dog waste bags are easily carried and readily available from most pet stores and vets. Plastic carrier bags also have the added advantage of being re-used for the same purpose. Dog waste wrapped in this way can be disposed of in any ordinary litter bin or taken home and placed with normal household waste.
The campaign, now in its tenth year, promotes responsible dog ownership and the message that it is every dog owner’s duty to clean up after their dog.
If you are aware of offenders causing a particular problem in your neighbourhood you can contact the Dog Warden Service on 01922 653030 or at, they will then investigate and take appropriate action to prevent the recurrence of the problems.
Keep Britain Tidy has launched a nationwide campaign to rid the streets of dog mess and a recent survey revealed that four out of five dog owners are not aware that dog mess can be thrown in the general litter bin.
Dog welfare
Part of the role of the Dog Warden Service is to raise awareness within the borough regarding animal care, training and behaviour.
We allocate a proportion of our time to visiting schools, community centres and any other location where requested to give presentations, group work sessions and question and answer clinics.
These could include issues such as:
dog handling
general animal care (including small animals)
the role of the dog warden
specific issues raised by the public
any other advice or information which comes under our jurisdiction
The sessions provided can be as short as 30 minutes or as long as half a day, particularly for question and answer sessions.
If you would like to know any more about this aspect of our role or would like to arrange an appointment for a warden to visit your location, then please contact us.
Stray dogs
Walsall Council is responsible for receiving and kennelling all stray dogs found within the borough.
Police Stations no longer accept dogs.
If you have a stray dog Monday to Friday during office hours (08.45 – 17.15) please call 01922 653030 and we will deal with your enquiry.
Sunnyside Kennels
Sunnyside Kennels photo
Sunnyside Kennels is where the dog wardens take all stray dogs found during normal office hours in the borough.
Stray dogs are a nuisance and can also be a danger to the public. It is an offence to allow your dog to wander the streets unattended, as there is a possibility of them causing accidents, attacking a member of the public or another dog, or fouling in a public place.
Every effort is made to respond to all reports received regarding stray dogs on the same day as they are reported.
Depending on the Dog Warden's day to day workload, however, it may not be possible to collect a stray dog from a member of the public later than mid-afternoon, because the kennels which are contracted by the service, close at 16:45 hours and it might not be possible for the Dog Warden to collect and transport a dog from the borough’s boundaries in time.
The council does not operate an 'out of hours' dog collection service whereby we are able to collect stray dogs after 4.00pm. However, the council does have a contract with a kennels where stray dogs may be taken by members of the public out of office hours. Further information on this is given below.
Out of Hours Stray Dogs Service

The Council does not provide an out-of-hours stray dog collection service. 

Our contracted kennels for daytime strays is Sunnyside Kennels, Dark Lane, Coven, near Wolverhampton.  Telephone number 01902 790618.  It should be noted that Sunnyside Kennels will not collect dogs from members of the public.

If a member of the public finds a stray dog outside of normal hours they may keep it safe until the following working day when a dog warden will be able to collect the dog.  Prior to 1st June 2019 the Council also had arrangements in place that enabled members of the public to take dogs at their own expense and in their own transport to our out-of-hours reception kennels.  However, on this date these kennels closed and since being informed of their closure the Council has been unable to find suitable alternative kennels to receive out-of-hours stray dogs.  Consequently, the Council has been forced to suspend this service until it can make suitable alternative arrangements.

Re-homing service
The dog warden service does not provide a re-homing service but it will assist an owner seeking to re-home a pet where possible.
Reuniting seized dogs with their owners
On collection of your dog from the kennels you will be required to pay kennelling and any veterinary costs, along with a £25.00 administration fee payable on collection of the dog.
Dogs lost and found
If you have lost your dog please phone us on 01922 653030 or send an email to containing the following details:
A photograph if you have one
Your name
Contact number
Name of pet
Time/date/place lost
Dogs die in hot cars
In warm sunny weather, dogs should never be left in cars. For more information please visit the RSPCA Dogs FAQ page
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