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Development Team

Development Team
The Development Team has been established to support the strategic priorities of Regeneration Directorate.
What are the aims and objectives of the Development Team?
What can I expect from the Development Team service?
What does the Development Team expect from me?
How much does it cost?
What are our customer care values?
Dates for Development Team
Employment, Training and Local Suppliers
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Aims and objectives
Provide a single "one stop" point of advice for major development proposals and pre planning application submissions.
Adopt a co-ordinated approach to pre planning application and other development consent advice in a cost effective way.
Provide developers direct access to relevant technical and scientific specialists within the Council, in order to determine the requirements for application submissions and/or supporting information.
Establish the form and likelihood of planning constraints or conditions that would be likely to be recommended in respect of any approval for planning permission.
Clarify the council's policy standards on proposed development, resolving any differences or conflicts at an early stage and ensuring that the council takes a unified and consistent approach.
Help deliver the corporate aspirations of the council and promote the sale and development of its surplus land and property.
Promote Walsall and encourage opportunities to invest and/or further expand in the area, in order to assist regeneration in the wider area of the borough.
The Development Team co-ordinator will liaise with the Chair and Vice Chair, on a continual basis and make arrangements to receive and distribute information, produce agendas, invite appropriate officers/external representatives to meetings. The Development Team meet every third week and meetings are normally held in a conference room in the Council House. The meetings are chaired to allow each representative an opportunity to contribute to the meeting. Minutes are taken and a letter detailing the discussion and comments is produced. There is a standing core team that, unless it is confirmed there are no issues of concern to a given specialism or discipline, will be made up of representatives from:
Development Control
Pollution Control
Building Control
Economic Regeneration
Environmental Regeneration
Physical Regeneration
Transportation Services
Strategic Housing
Street Management
Leisure, Culture and Lifelong Learning
Education Walsall -SERCO
The Environment Agency
The Walsall Regeneration Company
West Midlands Police
Others will be invited to attend on a needs basis depending on the agenda.
What can I expect from the Development Team service?
Greater satisfaction from a comprehensive co-ordinated approach that will provide the developer with feedback, in the form of a comprehensive response letter, on the proposed development opportunity.
The response letter will provide advice on preparing robust supporting information to meet regulatory and other technical requirements in the context of planning applications. The developers will also be provided with a contact list of all representatives and disciplines.
The potential cost saving methods through the identification of issues and problems at an early stage, the findings of solutions and submission of better quality planning applications.
Improved communication, co-ordination and joint working with the council and external partners as a result of various consent requirements enabling a more integrated and streamlined process.
Improving the decision-making process through the submission of better and more complete planning application, which has been amended before submission, rather than during the statutory eight-week period or thirteen-week period for large planning applications.
What does the Development Team expect from me?
To present your development proposal to the Development Team, you must submit a minimum of a letter outlining the broad details of the scheme, giving some indication of the development programming and any other factors that may set the context of the proposed scheme.
As much detail as available should be submitted by means of plans, elevations, cross sections, and other supporting material by the developer to the Development Team co-ordinator. All schemes submitted for consideration should include a location plan that will indicate the extent of the proposed site and the immediate neighbouring land / buildings.
There is normally a minimum threshold, applied flexibly, based on the DCLG major planning applications definition i.e.
10 houses or more
0.5ha or above (land)
1000sq. m. or more (buildings)
Treating, storing or disposing of refuse or waste
Winning and working of minerals or use of land for mineral working deposits
The size alone is not the sole determinant of the type of development considered by the Development Team. The corporate importance links with other initiatives, and political sensitivity may have equal or greater significance, for example schemes that raise significant urban design or public realm issues or involve council-owned land. If any party feels that there is a value to be had by putting a scheme to the Development Team for these reasons the Chair and Vice Chair of the Development Team should determine its inclusion for the team to consider.
How much does it cost?
It has been considered necessary to impose a charge for the use of the Development Team service.
The charge reflects the broad scope and expertise of officers contributing to the process, and will be subject to annual review.
The fee will be £850.00 + VAT (£1020.00)
What are our customer care values?
We will handle your request promptly.
We will maintain high accessibility and availability of service.
We will provide an effective service that meets your needs.
We will be fair and courteous regardless of your ethnicity, disability or gender.
We will be helpful and strive to meet and/or exceed your expectations.
We will provide all information you require to satisfy your needs.
We will ensure that our people are professional well trained and knowledgeable and where information systems are used and that the level of service is maintained.
We will ensure that your request is owned by the first person you contact.
We will fully protect your privacy and information about you will be treated as confidential.
We will strive to deliver what you need.
Dates for Development Team
Meetings take place every 3
week (see calendar of dates below), in our Conference Room in the Council House.
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Employment, Training and Local Suppliers
Walsall Council’s Corporate Plan sets out the key priority as ‘Supporting Business to Thrive and Supporting Local People into Work’. Our Strategic Regeneration team achieve this through encouraging employment and training for local residents and by promoting our local supply chain through all public and private investment in Walsall and the wider area. The team can help to identify suitable local candidates for your project or development, offer free training as well as recommending local consultants, suppliers or contractors to an agreed specification in order to promote local jobs, reduce carbon emissions and congestion, and support corporate social responsibility. The attached flyer sets out the additional support that is available to you. For more information please contact the Walsall Works Team on 01922 654353. Email us at walsallworks@walsall.gov.uk or visit our website www.walsall.com


Contact us

Donna Weston (Co-ordinator)

Development Team
Development Management
2nd Floor, Civic Centre
Darwall Street
Email Donna.Weston@walsall.gov.uk
Telephone 01922 652642
Textphone and TextBox 0845 111 2910
Fax 01922 623234