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The Building Act 1984 Section 80 - requires that the local authority is advised in writing of any intended demolition.

This applies to any demolition of the whole or part of a building., there are very limited exceptions.

It is an offense for a person to start demolition works without giving six weeks written notice prior to commencement. Written notice to the Local Authority must specify the building, details of the works of demolition, the person undertaking the work.

  • The occupiers of adjacent buildings have been informed, and compliance with the Party Wall Act has been achieved
  • The gas supply for the building has been terminated
  • The electricity supply for the building has been terminated
  • The water supply for the building has been terminated
  • Drainage from the building/site will be sealed
  • How the site will be secured following completion
Please download notification of intended demolition application form from our application forms web page