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Cyclist training

Cyclist training courses for young people are offered to all pupils aged ten yrs and over in Walsall schools. The training consists of ten hours of training spread over two days.

The course is delivered to the national standards for cycle training level 1, level 2 and level 3.

Level 1

Training takes place off-road in a safe environment to develop basic control skills. Pupils need to be able to ride a bicycle prior to attending the course and have a roadworthy bicycle of an appropriate size.

Level 1 outcomes include:

  • carry out a simple bike check
  • get on and off the bike without help
  • start off and pedal without help
  • stop without help
  • ride along without help for roughly one minute or more
  • make the bike go where they want
  • use gears correctly (where bike has gears)
  • stop quickly with control
  • manoeuvre safely to avoid objects
  • look all around, including behind, without loss of control
  • signal right and left without loss of control

Level 2

Training takes place in a realistic on-road environment. To continue to Level 2 pupils must have attained Level 1.

Level 2 outcomes include:

  • all level 1 outcomes
  • understanding positioning on the road
  • start off and pedal without help
  • turning in and out of minor to major roads
  • turning in and out of major to minor roads
  • overtaking

Level 3

Level 3 training is essentially about ‘riding a journey’. Trainees ride a progressive route in realistic traffic conditions on local roads, accompanied by a qualified instructor, also on a bike. To continue to Level 3, pupils must have already attained Level 2. Due to the more advanced road conditions involved, level 3 training is aimed at year 7 (11 year-olds) up to adults.

Level 3 outcomes include:

  • all Level 2 outcomes
  • roundabouts
  • traffic lights
  • rRiding in traffic
  • multi-lane roads
  • cycle facilities
  • planning a route
  • hazard perception


Cycle training and cycle instructors are regularly monitored to ensure training is being delivered to the national standard for cycle training.

Monitoring is carried out on an annual basis, with each tutor being observed delivering a level 1 course and level 2 course each year.

Monitoring focuses on 3 key area of delivery:

  • course objectives
  • learning
  • safety

In addition to course assessment, all trainees who complete a course are asked to complete a short questionnaire. The comments from these forms are used to improve future course delivery.

If you are interested in cycling training, please contact your school in the first instance to find out if a course has been organised. If you would like further information, please contact the road safety team.

You can find out more about cycling and further training at