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Cycling is a healthy, economical and environmentally friendly mode of transport, ideal for short local trips, which make up many of our everyday journeys. However, less than 2% of all journeys in Walsall are made by bike.
The main emphasis of the cycling strategy is to encourage more cycling by providing high quality facilities for both new and experienced cyclists. Existing routes, cycle parking, groups and useful information can be seen on the Walsall Cycling Map (PDF 2MB)
This will be done by developing safer cycle links between the borough's main town and district centres. These routes form some of the borough's main destinations for trips as they include schools, employment areas, public transport interchanges and leisure facilities.
In order to maximise the benefits for cyclists, the Walsall network will aim to connect to networks being developed in adjacent areas such as Wolverhampton, Sandwell, South Staffordshire and Birmingham, as well as to the wider National Cycle Network. The network will be based on a combination of existing roads and the greenway network such as the canal towpath network. This will achieve a balance between off road and on road routes offering the public the best opportunities for cycling in Walsall.