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Having trouble paying your Council Tax?


If you are struggling to pay your Council Tax, please contact us – there are a number of ways we may be able to help, including working out a payment plan.


We may need to understand your finances to offer the right support.  You can do this online with our partner IE Hub.  Remember to share your completed budget with us at the end and we will call you back to discuss the options available.


Why use IE Hub?


  • Industry standard. IE Hub uses the industry standard Income and Expenditure form, so you know you are answering all of the right questions.
  • Quick. IE Hub tailors the process to you, removing any unnecessary or irrelevant questions.
  • Easy.  You can share your budget easily by adding Walsall Council to your share list.  Once we have received this we will give you a call to discuss an appropriate way forward.
  • Convenient. You can fill in the information in your own time using any device – computer, tablet or mobile. 
  • Complete once, use many times. You only have to complete your Income and Expenditure information once. By using IE Hub you can send your completed form to anyone who has asked for this information from you. If they aren’t on our growing share list, don’t worry you can print, download and email your information simply using IE Hub.
  • Safe. Your data will be safe, you will always have control of your data and who sees it.
  • Free. IE Hub is free to use.


Alternatively, you can download, print and post us an Income and Expenditure form [PDF], to help us work out the best course of action.

You may be entitled to a Council Tax discount, reduction or exemption, which could reduce the amount you have to pay.


Non-payment of Council Tax

If you do not pay your Council Tax, we will take steps to recover the money.


Independent financial advice

If you are experiencing financial hardship and need advice on ways to increase your income, manage your debt and deal with creditors, we strongly recommend you seek advice. The organisations listed below provide confidential advice for free.