“Safe, Happy & Learning Well”

Social work is one of the most challenging jobs you will ever do but it is also one of the most interesting and rewarding. If you are new to the profession you may not be fully aware that the role you will play in a child or young person’s world will very often be life changing.

Because at its heart ‘real social work’ is about helping those children, young people and families make positive changes now, so they have the very best life chances in the future.   How successful you are in achieving this will often be down to the quality of relationships that you as a Social Worker will need to develop and sustain with everyone you work with.   It is these working relationships which lead to positive change and enable the children and young people that you are helping to be safe .

Walsall is a small and compact authority but be in no doubt that the work will be challenging but very rewarding. We’re embedding restorative practice and use a range of evidence based approaches when we work with our families. You will be well supported because Walsall Council wants you to be the best Social Worker you can be and will help you in many different ways to reach your full potential.

  • Firstly, we will make sure you have a manageable workload, so you can spend most of your time with the children, young people and families you want to help.
  • We will give you an excellent range of learning opportunities to help develop and hone the skills you will need to work with our most vulnerable families.
  • Ensure a good level of support and supervision with many opportunities for reflective discussions about your work. You will never be on your own because we absolutely believe in team work.
  • We have our own Social Work Academy with Practice Development Coordinators to support your ongoing practice development, reflective discussions and an excellent ASYE programme.
  • To support your continuing professional development we celebrate the good work our Social Workers do. Myself and Children’s Services Executive Director; Sally Rowe, talk regularly with our Social Workers and managers to listen to what they have to say about working in Walsall and how practice can be improved.

So, whatever level you are entering the profession, be assured that Walsall Council’s Children’s Services will invest in you.  We can also offer specialist training for more experienced practitioners because in this job we know that you never stop learning and developing!

Walsall Council is passionate about improving the lives of vulnerable children and young people in the borough. We want you to be part of their journey and welcome you to join our team.

I will look forward to meeting you.

Debbie Carter




Carol Boughton

Carol Boughton Photo

Head of Safeguarding & Quality Assurance


Jivan Sembi

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Head of Service - Looked after Children and Care Leaver Service


Debra Silvester

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Group Manager - Independent Reviewing Officers


Rita Homer

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Group Manager - 

Safeguarding & Family Support Service 

Children with Disabilities