Provider Services 

Fostering and Adoption 

The fostering and adoption teams are predominately staffed by experienced social workers and managers, the majority of whom have previously worked in child care social work teams. This level of experience enables the service to offer advice and consultation to the rest of children’s services on achieving permanence for Looked after Children and also by ensuring that adopters and foster carers are well supported and trained to manage the complex needs of our children and young people.

The Family Placement Service comprises three teams:

  • Fostering Recruitment and Assessment Team – This team is responsible for recruiting and assessing all those who wish to foster for Walsall council. The team actively engages with the local community and with our existing foster carers in promoting the role that fostering can play in the life of a child or young person. The team offers Skills to Foster Training and they will support all mainstream foster carers during their first year of fostering to ensure they are able to fulfil the requirements of their role.
  • Fostering Support and Development Team– This team is responsible for supporting family and friend carers from the point of approval and will support the family to secure a permanence order for the child or young person they are caring for. The team will also support all mainstream foster carers following their first year of approval in continuing to ensure that carers are able to fulfil the on-going requirements of their role.
  • Adoption Team – This team is responsible for recruiting, assessing and supporting all prospective adopters and matching prospective adopters with children needing adoption. It also provides an adoption support service, supporting families where children have been placed for adoption pre and post the making of an adoption order.



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