Sally Rowe Photo 

A message from Sally Rowe, our Director

Welcome to Walsall Council and thank you for your interest in our great social work roles.  I returned to Walsall Council as the Director of Children Services in 2017 having previously worked here until 2002.

My journey at Walsall started as a newly qualified Social Worker in 1989 and I spent 13 years as a frontline practitioner and manager in the Borough working with children and families in our diverse and vibrant communities.  Although I have been away I have always kept a close eye on the progress of Walsall Childrens services and it has been a pleasure to return and see the passion and commitment of all our staff for working with and supporting those children and their families who need it most.

So the possibilities really are endless at Walsall where we are committed to achieving manageable caseloads, quality effective supervision, excellent management support and nurturing.  All the things I was lucky enough to experience as a Social Worker and Manager in an authority that is committed to ensuring  that you are supported in your work as well as the service investing in your professional development.

So....attach your CV and start your journey with Walsall. Come and join my team here in Walsall!