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What happens if I do not pay my Council tax bill


​We are determined to collect the council tax we are owed. We must receive your payments on or before the due date shown on your bill. Your prompt payment helps to keep our costs down for the benefit of all our residents. If prompt payment is not made, the recovery process will commence as follows:


  • If you miss a payment you will receive a reminder for the payment that is due.
  • If you do not pay the reminder or make a new repayment arrangement, you will receive a summons to a magistrates’ court hearing where we will ask for a liability order to be granted. This process will result in additional costs being added to the amount you owe.
  • If you make the payment on the reminder but then are late again you will receive a second reminder. If you do not pay this then it will also progress to a summons.
  • If you are late for a third time you will receive a final notice for the full amount of the remaining balance.
  • If you do not pay the final notice in full (not just the monthly payment) or make a new repayment arrangement, you will receive a summons.
  • If you receive a final notice you will have lost your automatic right to pay by instalments and you will have to pay the full amount of Council Tax. If the full amount is not paid, a summons will be issued including costs. If the full amount is not paid, including the costs, before the hearing date the council is legally required to ask the Magistrates to grant a Liability Order
  • If a Liability Order is granted you can avoid further recovery action such as Enforcement Agents (previously known as bailiffs), Attachment to Earnings Orders, Deductions from Benefits or by making an arrangement with us to pay.


If you are unsure about your current position, or about your payments, you can contact us to discuss your account, or you can view your account online by registering at Council Tax online. There are various things you can do once you have registered, including viewing your balance, payments and past bills. If you have done this and are unsure of what arrangements are in place to collect the debt then you should contact us immediately to discuss it. You may also wish to download and print an Income and Expenditure form which will enable us determine the best course of action..


If you have any questions about any part of the recovery process please follow the links below:



If you are struggling to pay your Council Tax please contact us without delay so that we can try and help you avoid additional recovery costs.You may be entitled to a discount, exemption or Council Tax reduction which may help to reduce the amount you have to pay.


The official Walsall Council, council tax recovery policy can be found here.