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Footprints on the Future

Walsall Council’s environment strategy – a response to Local Agenda 21

Our aim is:

" To work with others to achieve a safer, cleaner, greener and healthier environment for everyone in Walsall now and in the future. "

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Walsall Council / Environment strategy

Our key policies are:

A. To minimise adverse effects of our own activities on the environment, by:

  • introducing an awareness raising programme for staff and councillors
  • improving water and energy conservation in our buildings
  • reducing the impact of our use of transport
  • minimising the waste we generate and using recycled materials wherever possible
  • making sure explicit account is taken of environmental implications in all our recommendations and decisions
  • including environmental criteria in our contracts and purchasing procedures
  • complying with all relevant environmental legislation
  • reviewing and reporting our progress regularly
  • pursuing accreditation under the Eco Management and Audit Scheme.

B. To use our regulatory powers and advisory responsibilities positively and creatively, by:

  • monitoring, controlling and where possible reducing air, land and noise pollution
  • through our planning and building control powers, encouraging initiatives which comply with the principles of sustainable development, and discouraging those which do not
  • promoting energy efficiency in the home and in local business
  • discouraging waste production and encouraging re-use, recycling and properly managed disposal of waste
  • encouraging the use of environmentally-friendly forms of transport (walking, cycling and public transport).
C. To work closely Walsall residents, businesses, environmental groups and other organisations to develop and implement a Local Agenda 21 Action Plan. This will focus initially on:
  • encouraging action at local level through neighbourhood agenda 21 projects
  • establishing a local transport forum to help to find more sustainable solutions to our travel and transport needs
  • encouraging Walsall businesses to find ways to reduce their adverse impact on the environment
  • developing a programme to involve the community in nurturing our natural habitats, wildlife and plant life
  • involving young people in the environmental agenda
  • promoting environmental events and environmental education in schools and elsewhere.

D. To make sure decisions and actions are soundly based, and to monitor the implementation of our policies, by collecting and disseminating essential environmental information:

  • making widely available the council’s Environment Sourcebook
  • agreeing key environmental indicators to be used to track progress
  • publishing a regular “State of the Walsall Environment” report which monitors change.