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Who are our holiday activities providers?

Find out more about our HAF holiday programme delivery partners in Walsall

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We are proud to work with a range of providers to develop an exciting and enriching programme of activities.

We are working with our partners to develop the programme of virtual and face-to-face activities. They include schools, local voluntary and community organisations and childcare providers.

Delivery partners 

Find out more about our delivery partners, their skills and expertise, and contact information in the drop-down list below.

Acti Fit

Acti Fits Logo   

Here at Acti-Fit our mission is to provide children with a fun and exciting holiday club full of a variety of activities that will keep them happy and engaged.  Our Holiday Camps will offer a variety of activities, nutritious food, games, sport and new learning experiences.

We provide high level inclusion, accessible to all.  Our staff team include dedicated SEN support and are experienced in working with children from all backgrounds. 
Running from 8.30am, children start their day with breakfast, followed by 4 hours of immersive fun. Over the week, our camp activities will include: 

  • An exciting trip to Woodlands Adventure Camp where your child can take part in Bushcraft, Shelter and Raft Building
  • Arts and crafts 
  • Fun with science
  • We will also have Tenstar on site offering an opportunity for the children to take part in a unique video-gaming experience, performing on high-end gaming technology.  
  • A variety of sports including football, rugby and cricket
  • Cooking and food experiments - including our own "Acti-Fit Café

Our sessions end with a nutritious lunch before children return home with full tummies and happy hearts.
Children who attend are guaranteed to get an experience they will never forget.
Children are at the centre of what we do - come and join us in the fun

We will be in touch with parents/carer before the club starts but if anyone has any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us on:

Contact Name: Dave Lote,
Contact Number: 07964011104 
Email: /
Delivery Address: 

  • Walsall Rugby Club, Delves Road, Walsall, WS1 3JY
  • Fibbersley Primary School, Noose Lane Willenhall Walsall WV13 3BB



Aaina Community Hub

Aaina Community Hub's logo Aaina provides for local women and their children of all ages and backgrounds who live and work in Walsall. Our service users come from all walks of life and benefit from numerous up-skilling opportunities, support services and health and wellbeing activities in a safe and multilingual environment. 

Contact Name: A'isha Khan 
Contact Number: 07792956224 
Emails Address: 
Address: Seed Hut, Palfrey Park, WS1 4AN 

Ace Coaching

Ace Coaching LogoWith our ethos being 'Fun Through Learning' we pride ourselves on delivering high quality sports coaching, whilst focusing on confidence building, mindfulness, team work and fun. 
Ace Coaching is a specialist sports coaching company that offers football, multi-sports, street dance, martial arts and fencing courses to all schools, throughout the academic school year and during school holidays. 

As a professional sports coaching company, Ace Coaching provides pre-school, lunchtime, CPD / PPA and after school clubs every week of the academic year. In addition, a vast amount of children attend our football, multi-sports, and street dance courses held at local venues, each school holiday. 

Our qualified coaches, all who hold current DBS clearance, are assigned to provide fun-based sports coaching sessions to primary and secondary school children. 
Our sports courses include football, multi-sports (covering sports such as tennis, cricket, tag rugby, basketball, hockey, athletics and fitness training), street dance, multi-skills, martial arts and fencing. 

Contact Name: Ryan Lamb
Contact Number: 07891297861 
Delivery address: Manor Farm CA, King George Crescent, WS4 1EU 

Almozene Day Nursery

Almozene Day Nursery LogoWe are a 50 placed Ofsted registered Day Nursery that caters and aids the holistic development of all children within our care. We also cater for school aged children allowing them to complete homework enjoying games with peers etc.

Contact Details: Sarah Gayle
Contact Number: 01922 722066 / 07734944500
Delivery Address: 23 Mellish Road Walsall WS4 2DQ


Bentley Child Care

Bentley Child Care LogoBentley childcare is a purpose built facility providing childcare for 172 children aged 0 – 11 yrs. old. We are federated with Bentley West Schools and share the same site. We have 42 staff who are all qualified to at least childcare level 3. 

Contact Name: Andria Holmes and Amanda Cross
Contact Number: 01922746592 
Delivery Address: Bentley Child Care Monmouth Road, Bentley, Walsall WS2 0EQ

Bloxwich Community Partnership

Bloxwich Community PartnershipOur Charity for Your Community' To bring local people together, to support people of all ages to engage in learning, leisure and social activity and to encourage healthy lifestyles and wellbeing. The Electric Palace is our dedicated space for young people. Our vibrant centre offers activities for children and young people, providing young people with a wide variety of activities and qualifications, which are fully managed and facilitated by qualified and experienced youth staff. Safeguarding and young people’s welfare is integral to all our work. 

Contact Name: Grace Yates 
Contact Number: 01922 712069
Delivery Address:

  • The Electric Palace Blakenall Row Blakenall Walsall WS3 1LW 
  • King Georges Park Stafford Road WS3 3NJ


BMYG Youth Work CIC / Youth Connect

Youth Connect Logo BMYG Youth Work CIC working under the trading name Youth Connect is one of the main providers of youth services in Walsall, Working with hundreds of young people across the borough. We use Centre based, detached, sports sessions as well as specialised programmes and interventions to work with young people and their families. We have over 10 years’ experience of working with hard to reach and marginalised young people in some of the most deprived wards in the UK. Our experience with our local mainstream youth populations, NEETS young people, young offenders or those on the periphery of youth crime has shaped our delivery and the way we offer services to young people. In order to maximise buy in from young people and offer the best chances of positive outcomes we always try to ensure a bespoke package of delivery for the needs of the young people we are working with. Youth Connect works primarily in central and South Walsall delivering multiple weekly sessions. All of our sessions are of no cost to young people. Working with the police, local authority, community partners and education providers we target hot spot areas and co-develop interventions with young people and partners. We work with a very diverse youth population and understand that whilst local authority youth work has greatly diminished, there is still a vital need for open access youth work. Young people need increasing support in Walsall as youth unemployment is increasing, anti-social behaviour and youth crime is rising, and young people need a more holistic support offer to enrich their lives. Our projects are mainly aimed at working with young people between the ages of 8 to 19 (up to 23 in cases of LDD). We offer and aim to target all young people regardless of the race, religion, sexual orientation or background and work with young people for young people to ensure that their voices are enshrined in the projects we deliver. 

Contact Name: Rizwan Ahmed 
Contact Number: 01922 336993 
Email: / 
Delivery Address: Youth Connect Pleck Youth Centre 283 Wednesbury Road Walsall WS2 9QJ


Bouncing Statistics

Bouncing Statistics logo  Bouncing Statistics is a community interest company placed at the heart of serving others. They are on a mission to create a world where generations are inspired to look beyond their normality. Whilst also holding the vision to create a future where the statistic doesn’t define you.  
We do this by predominantly delivering engaging mentoring and wellbeing sessions to young people who come from a range of backgrounds and have a range of experiences. We look to have a real foothold in the communities across the West Midlands, empowering all young people to fulfil their potential.  
From the outset at a Bouncing Statics Easter Camp, we want the young people to not only develop, but as a priority have fun! We are constantly incorporating young people’s feedback from our existing camps experience. To ensure that we create an environment where they always want to come back.   
Participants will get the opportunity to engage in a range of sports, whether this be football, rounder’s, badminton, boxercise or kwik cricket, to name a few. With there being an enrichment activity incorporated into the camp experience. Whereas over Christmas, via the Walsall HAF programme, participants were able to enjoy a trip to Ninja Warriors!  
Programmes consist of a dual delivery approach. Whereby, participants will not only be physically active, but will have the opportunity to develop their personal characteristics and traits. Where we discuss various topics such as communication, self-awareness, self-discipline, social awareness and even nutrition.  
We look forward to having your young person with us during the Easter. 

Contact Name: Rackeem Reid 
Contact Number: 07769013058  
Delivery Address:  

  • University Of Wolverhampton Walsall campus Sports centre, Magdalene Road, Walsall WS1 3TA 
  • The Hub, College, Littleton St W, Walsall WS2 8ES 


Brownhills Community Association

We are a self-supporting enterprise providing a range of services for the local area. We work with partners to provide support, education, recreation and leisure facilities for the general community. We are located in the lovely old Central Schools building opposite the Brownhills Miner statue and have a cafe and other resources. 

Contact Name: Janet Davies 
Contact Number: 01543452119 / 07977 464908 
Delivery Address: 

  • Brownhills Community Centre, Chester Road, North Brownhills, Walsall, WS8 7JW 

Phone: 01543 452 119 

Charlie Caterpillars Day Nursery

Charlie Caterpillar's logoOur team at Charlie Caterpillar's Day Nursery are committed to provide all children with the tender loving care they deserve. We truly believe that parents are the first and most important teachers of children, and by working together we can support each child to reach their highest potential. Our environment and ethos helps children to feel safe, appreciated and valued in everything they attempt and achieve. Our activities are aimed at 5-16 year olds. We have various other activities also on offer such as snooker, pool, darts, arts and crafts, sports on offer throughout. Lunch will be provided.

Contact Name: Sophie Gough
Contact Number: 01922 497136 
Delivery Address: Charlie Caterpillars Day Nursery, Unit 1, Dorchester Park, Commercial Road, Walsall, WS2 7NQ 

Community Foot Prints

Community Foot Prints logoCommunity Foot Prints is in the heart of the community, we have seen first-hand difficulties our young people deal with, we are the main stop for people to access Education, Training, including services from Counselling, Holistic approach for Anxiety, Mental Health and Stress disorders, DWP and Careers Advice are on hand to give Advice and guidance for the community. Our project will provide Training and Education for all members of the community to access. We will focus on young people who have missed out on schooling, target mental health during the COVID epidemic which will enable them to coping with the normality of life. Offer stability and a safe learning environment, increase activities to support people hit by deprivation as a result of the corona virus and offer as much advice and guidance as we can. Our Holistic approach will support our mental health beneficiaries which we believe will continue to increase. As we begin to exit this crucial phase we will welcome all our young people and our family matters ethos back into our centre. We are reaching out to our community for their opinions and viewpoints to support them by using our Holistic approach training and education project.

Contact Name: Stacey Ankrett 
Contact Number: 01922325410 
Delivery Address: Rycroft Community Hub. 28 New Forest Road Walsall WS3 1TR 

Darlaston All Active (DAA)

Darlaston All Active (DAA) is a community organisation based at the Town Hall in the centre of Darlaston. It was established in 2008 with support of volunteers, the local community and local businesses. It originally operated out of a different building but relocated to the Town Hall in 2012 DAA has become a valuable asset to the local community which has meant the Town Hall has become a well-used, popular venue that offers activities and support to the local community of all ages and abilities. Various social and leisure activities take place there alongside live entertainment events and various community outreach projects. 

Contact Name: Craig Adams
Contact Number: 07760116330 
Delivery address: Darlaston Town Hall, Victoria Road, WS10 8AA

Fit For Sport

Fit For Sport LogoFit For Sport, the UK's Leading Healthy Lifestyle Activities Provider is an OFSTED registered organisation with over 27 years’ experience of delivering in school and out of school provisions. We focus on providing structured activities that educate and engage children in physical activity. We believe that helping children to enjoy being active from an early age will set them on a journey to a healthy, active life. 

Contact Name: Craig Jones 
Contact Number: 07970499197 
Delivery address: Bluecoat CE Academy Birmingham St, Walsall WS1 

Frank F Harrison Community Association

Frank F Community Association LogoFrank F Harrison Community Association is an independent charity providing facilities and activities for local communities aiming at enabling local people to build their skills and knowledge, and therefore improve personal self-esteem and life potential. The services include adult educational and recreational activities, youth provisions, children activities, conference and hiring facilities that are delivered across three locations. 

Contact Name: Liam Perrens  
Contact Number: 01922 746967 
Delivery Address: 

  • Beechdale Lifelong Learning Centre, Beechdale Lifelong Learning Centre, Stephenson Square, Walsall, West Midlands, WS2 7DY  
  • The Loft Youth Club,28 The Square New Invention WV12 5EA 


Iqra Supplementary School

Iqra Supplementary School LogoAt Iqra, we provide a range of exciting activities and services to meet the needs of your child to build a better future. Our staff are passionate and committed to what they do and will deliver the best support for children and young people to benefit in a creative and fun environment. 

Contact Name: Aisha Khan
Contact Number: 07792956224 / 01922 644006
Delivery Address: Aaina Community Hub, Bath Road, Walsall WS1 3BS

Kids in Communication (KIC)

Kids in Communication (KIC)Kids in Communication (KIC) is a youth media non-profit organisation helping young people (aged 10-18) reach their full potential through supporting them in the community. We are proud to launch the country's first digital pop up youth club (Kicsters) which takes a range of unique digital activities designed to boost confidence, communication and resilience amongst young people. We aim to provide locally based Kicsters clubs to engage young people in areas of identified need. Activities include Radio, Photography, Digital Graffiti, Gaming, Animation & more. 

Contact Name: Benjamin Williams, Project Manager & Lead Youth Worker  
Contact Number: 07935754677  
Delivery Address: 

  • Rough Hay Community Centre, Hall Street East WS10 8PL  
  • Brownhills Memorial Hall, WS8 6HR



Layole's LogoLayole is a Charitable Incorporated Organisation with registration number 1194747, registered this year with the objective of providing humanitarian services to socially and economically disadvantaged people and also distribute clothing's, food supplies and educational materials to the disadvantaged. 

Contact Name: Ojo Ajayi 
Contact Number: 07588915014
Delivery Address: 3 Queen Street, Moxley, Wednesbusy, WS10 8TA 

Learn Play Foundation

LearnPlay Foundation LogoLearn Play Foundation is a not-for-profit digital media agency with educational, charitable, social & community objects. We create games, films & websites and help those who aspire to do the same. We’re also an accomplished training provider with experience delivering training programmes, workshops & courses to thousands of learners from all ages, levels and backgrounds. All participants will require internet connectivity and a laptop that enables video conferencing software. 

Contact Name: Justin Rutherford 
Contact Number: 07962 401 660 
Delivery Address: Virtual – 2 Sister Dora Building, The Bridge Walsall, WS1 1LW

LGK in the Community

LGK in the Community LogoLGK in the community works with young people and the community at large to address wellbeing, health inequalities, food poverty and social cohesion. The charity are a food and heritage organisation using the values of food and our culture and heritage to make an everlasting change to those that need it most.

Contact Name: Panikos Panayiotou
Contact Number: 07917172491
Email: /
Address: King Charles Primary School, Wilkes Avenue, WS2 0JN and Virtual

Lifegate Communities

Lifegate Communities logo Lifegate Communities is a non-profit organisation dedicated to community-related charity work to make a difference in the lives of members of our community. Our areas of focus are on youth social care, educational social care, mental health care, capital projects, adult social care, and youth groups. We run various projects such as free holiday clubs, hosting of mid-career professionals from commonwealth countries through commonwealth professional fellowships, youth educational training camps, summer BBQs, family fun days and community sports events. We make a difference in the lives of marginalised members of our community by improving their livelihood through skills and training workshop courses that build their self-esteem and confidence, schemes that provide platforms for work experience, training on how to apply for jobs and curriculum vitae writing to enable the unemployed get back to work. Our projects share a common goal that are aimed at reaching out to our communities and helping us build more cohesive communities.

Contact Name: Judith Ephraim  
Contact Number: 07467400335  
Address: Life gate Communities Centre, Short Acre Street, Walsall, WS2 8HW  

Mettaminds CIC

Mettaminds CIC LogoMettaminds CIC is working to 'Create healthy minds for all'. Through our courses, programmes and classes, Mettaminds helps you to explore different wellbeing practices and tools. Creating Healthy Minds'
Workplace | Education and Training | Workshops | Coaching | Tai Chi | Meditation | Mindfulness | Yoga | Wellbeing solutions | 

Contact Name: Amritpal Singh  
Contact Number: 07882253187 
Delivery Address: The New Art Gallery Walsall, Gallery Square, Walsall, WS2 8LG and Virtual

Midland Langar Seva Society (MLSS)

Midland Langer Seva Society (MLSS) LogoMidland Langar Seva Society (MLSS) Established in 2013 is a Non -Profit Organisation charity that provide hot meals 7 days, 52 weeks per year over 26 towns to the homeless and under privileged, we also do food parcels for the elderly who are unable to cook due to health reasons, for those who are in isolation, on low income (awaiting benefits). Our aim is to Eradicate hunger. We have recently acquired a Community hub where one of the projects will be to provide boxing for over 80 children, this will help to build self-confidence, keeps them of the street and meet other children / families; socialising all within the strict covid- guidelines. 

Contact Name: Sharon Bharaj 
Contact Number: 0121 740 0716 
Delivery Address: 501 Bloxwich Road, Walsall WS3 2XA

Nash Dom CIC

Nash Dom CICNash Dom CIC is an Eastern European and Russian-speaking Community Support and Business Development Centre, we are a registered community interest company since May 2010. Nash Dom is working with community representatives, businesses, individuals and other related organisations from across eleven communities that include Slovaks, Poles, Lithuanians, Czechs, Latvians, Georgians, Belarusians, Romanians, Moldovans and Armenians. 

Contact Name: Marcin Maciejewski
Contact Number: 0192 261 6444 or 0753 109 0695 
Email: or 
Delivery Address: Nash Dom Community Hub, Sun Street, Walsall, WS1 4AL 

Pot Gang

Pot Gang Logo Our company is called Pot Gang. We provide veg and herb growing kits for beginners and children. The kits contain three types of seasonal veg/herb seeds, all the pots and compost required for growing them, plus detailed instruction guides. It’s all done in a way that’s fun and straightforward for anyone to take part in, taking the mystery out of growing-your-own. 

Contact Name: Sam
Contact Number: 07972245339
Delivery Address: Virtual / Activity Pack 

Premier Education

Premier Education LogoPremier Education is the UK’s No.1 provider of sport and physical activity to primary schools. Premier Education is dedicated to improving the health and wellbeing of children through active learning. We deliver sports, arts and wellbeing courses to around 240,000 primary school children every year. Having started more than 20 years ago offering just football camps, we have evolved into the No.1 provider of sports and physical activities to primary school children in the UK. This status is something we take great pride in. Our network of Activity Professionals has grown to over 1,000 and it is their passion for what they do that sets us apart. Inspiring a life-long love of sport and being active is at the heart of all of us. Our activities now go beyond football and include a range of activities from badminton to boccia, handball to hockey, lacrosse to life skills. There’s something for every child of every ability to explore and enjoy with Premier Education. Our Holiday Camps provide a safe, fun and social place for your child to be throughout the Summer holidays. We've designed our Holiday Camps with safety in mind: grouped bubbles, reduced numbers and much more! 

Contact Name: Gavin Winter 
Contact Number: 07889 728531 
Delivery Address: 
•  Ryders Hayes School Gilpin Crescent Pelsall Walsall West Midlands WS3 4HX 
•  St John’s CE Primary School Brook Lane Walsall Wood Walsall West Midlands WS9 9NA 

Sassy Sensory Surprises

Sassy Sensory Surprises LogoSassy Sensory Surprises are a team that provides exciting sensory experiences for children in the West Midlands with additional needs. The team all have a background in education and work closely/parents of children with additional needs. We provide different themed days and add a positive sensory element to each session for the children to enjoy and explore. We provide families with a safe non-judgemental environment to meet, play and talk with other parents and carers, and children. We also work closely with schools and parents and offer support regarding sensory experiences, including multi-sensory learning, sensory circuits, sensory diets and snacks, sensory equipment to support individual children, and much more! 

Contact Name: Toni
Contact Number: 07519820839 
Delivery Address:

  • Virtual / Zoom
  • Bloxwich Active Lining, High Street, Bloxwich, Walsall, WS3 2DA
  • Manor Farm Community Association, King George Crescent, Walsall, WS4 1EU
  • Little Hooligans, 8a The Quarter, Lower Hall Lane, Walsall, WS1 1RH
  • 11 Springfields, Rushall, Walsall, WS4 1JX


Sensory Wise

Sensory Wise LogoWith experience and a broad understanding of special needs and disabilities and our expert knowledge means that we can provide better support to families and professionals. Sensory Wise is unique and one of the most reliable and trusted sensory suppliers in the UK.
•    To promote inclusive play, fitness and sports for al children and adults
•    To make Sensory play more accessible and affordable for families
•    Help families, local authorities, schools, and community organisations make the most of their funding 
•     We want to help you feel better equipped to support the children and adults you care for 
•    Better outcomes for all – More smiles, Less stress, Better support 

Contact Name: Lucy 
Contact Number: 01384 686700 – 07758740038 
Email – 
Delivery Address: Virtual / Activity Pack 

SportsCool Walsall

SportsCool LogoSportsCool are a Multi Sports Coaching company, delivering a mutlitude of products to Primary Schools since 2008. Our ethos of educate, motivate and participate runs through our business from top to bottom. We are very passionate about offering children the opportunity to try new things and have fun doing so. We are proud to be able to deliver not only mainstream sports such as football, rugby, basketball, but also dodgeball, fencing, archery amongst others. We feel there is a sport out there for everyone, and want to give children the access to try new activities. As part of this programme, we would love to offer children who may normally not be able to access camps, the chance to join our of our holiday camps and learn some new skills, meet new friends and engage in some fun activities. 

Contact Name: Liam Edwards 
Contact Number: 07595 624685 
Delivery Address: Wolverhampton University (Walsall Campus) Gorway Road, Walsall, WS1 3BD

SportsPlus Scheme

SportsPlus Scheme LogoPhysical Activity Provider, Educational Training Provider, Sports Coaching Provider Sports Plus Scheme is an award-winning sports coaching company providing next-level PE and sports education to hundreds of primary schools across the Midlands. Every day our qualified sports professionals deliver carefully considered and cost-effective programmes that help more than 20,000 primary school children stay happy, healthy and active. We understand the challenges schools face around PE & sports. By working as part of your team, we can support the accountability for your PE provision and help make sure all your KS1&2 pupils develop their PE skills and enjoy fun, engaging lessons and rewarding physical activity. We offer fun and engaging Holiday Sports Camps Provision to 4-11 Years Old with the aim of getting all children Physically Active within the Holidays taking part in different Sports & Activities designed to their age and ability. Sports Plus is celebrating 20 Years this year of delivering programmes across Walsall and the West Midlands. 

Contact Name: Craig Webb
Contact Number: 01922 453322 

Delivery Address: 

  • Streetly Community Centre, Foley Rd E, Streetly, Sutton Coldfield B74 3HR
  • Old Church Primary School, School St, Darlaston, Wednesbury WS10 8DL
  • Sneyd Community Centre, Vernon Way, Bloxwich, Walsall, WS3 2PA
  • Shire Oak Academy, Litchfield Road, Walsall Wood, Walsall, WS9 9PA
  • Pelsall Cricket Club, Walsall Road, Pelsall, WS3 4BP
  • King Charles Primary School, Wilkes Avenue, Walsall, WS2 0JN
  • St Michaels Primary School, Maple Road, Pelsall, Walsall, WS3 4JJ


The Inspire Group

The Inspire Group LogoThe Inspire Group exists to inspire sport, engage people and empower communities. We believe that active individuals can contribute to healthy communities and all people should have the chance to take part in meaningful physical activity in order to live the benefits that come with it. 

Contact Name: Alex Howard 
Contact Number: 07737615070 
Delivery Address: Pelsall Community Centre, Station Road, Pelsall, WS3 4BQ

The Playscheme

The Playscheme LogoThe Playscheme is a term time holiday club offering fun activities for children through physical activity, healthy lifestyle choices and art and crafts. We aim to ensure all children enjoy the scheme whilst meeting new friends and learning new skills. We offer Multi Sports, Arts & Crafts and Swimming to children every day. 

Contact Name: Chris Young 
Contact Number: 07704757631 
Delivery Address:
•    Willenhall E-ACT Academy, Furzebank way, Willenhall, WV12 4BD
•    West Walsall, Primley Avenue, Walsall, WS2 9UA
•    Queen Marys - Sutton road, Walsall, west midlands, WS1 2PG

Walsall Council - Healthy Spaces Team

Walsall Council - Healthy Spaces Team LogoThe Healthy Spaces Team improves and showcases our parks and open spaces to support communities of all ages to take part in sports and healthy activities across the whole of Walsall through our facilities, events and directly delivered activities.

Contact Name: Paul Wicker 
Contact Number: 07983 612391 
Delivery Address:  

  • Willenhall Memorial Park Pavilion Road Willenhall WV13 2PL  
  • Walsall Arboretum Visitor centre, Walsall WS1 2QH 
  • Palfrey Park Pavilion, Dale Street, Palfrey, WS1 4AN  


Walsall Council - Leisure

Walsall Council - Leisure LogoWalsall Leisure offers a wide range of activities and facilities. Enjoy a swim, play sport in our sports halls, workout in our gyms or take part on one of our many classes, within our 4 borough Leisure Centres. 

Contact Details;
Oak Park
Contact Name: Darren Henderson
Contact Number: 01922652266
Delivery Address: Coppice Road, Walsall Wood, Walsall, WS9 9BH

Contact Name: Mark Shingler
Contact Number: 01922652900
Delivery Address: High Street, Bloxwich, WS3 2DA

Contact Name: Luke Pearce
Contact Number: 01922653150
Delivery Address: Tower Street, Walsall, WS1 1DH

Contact Name: Chris Beach
Contact Number: 01922652255
Delivery Address: Victoria Road, Darlaston, Walsall, WS10 8AP

Walsall Council - Community Libraries

Walsall Council's Logo  Walsall Community Libraries is comprised of 7 libraries in the areas of Aldridge, Bloxwich, Brownhills, Darlaston, Streetly, Willenhall, and the Lichfield Street (Central Library & Archives) which is situated in the town centre of Walsall. We also have a Mobile and Home Library service which covers the whole borough.  

Contact Name: Helena Denham 
Contact Number: 01922 655902 
Email Address:  

  • Lichfield Street Hub (Central Library & Archives), Lichfield Street, Walsall WS1 1TR 
  • Willenhall Community Library, Walsall Street, Walsall WV13 2EX 
  • Bloxwich Community Library, Elmore Row Bloxwich, Walsall WS3 2HR 
  • Brownhills Community Library, Park View Centre, Chester Road North, Brownhills, Walsall   WS8 7JB 
  • Aldridge Community Library, Rookery Lane, Aldridge, Walsall WS9 8NP 
  • Streetly Community Library, Blackwood Road, Streetly, Walsall B74 3PL             


Walsall FC Community Programme

Walsall FC Community Partnership LogoWalsall FC Community Programme was formed in 1989 as the registered charity of Walsall Football Club. We aim to make our vision a reality by delivering sessions and projects under WFCCP’s four key themes of Education, Sports Participation, Engagement and Health: Education – We work together to make a positive impact on individuals and the wider communities to enable people to achieve their goals and progression in life working in partnership with local educational establishments. Sports Participation – We aim to inspire and raise aspirations of local people to engage in sporting activities cantered on football as the core sport. This will be all encompassing participation and, if needed, focus on specific individuals or groups. Engagement – We deliver a wide range of innovative, quality programmes that engage people through football and sport. Through this we can support all groups and individuals in Walsall. Health – We will enable introductions to healthy lifestyles, continued participation in healthy activities and supporting residents to create a more active and healthier way of life. We aim to provide excellent communication and customer care, and opportunities that empower and engage all users. WFCCP will also maintain Walsall FC’s tradition and standing as an excellent “Community” football club. 

Contact Name: Martin Manley
Contact Number: 01922 644742 
Delivery Address: 

  • Banks's Stadium, Bescot Cres, Walsall WS1 4SA  
  • St Giles Primary school, Walsall St, Willenhall WV13 2ER


Walsall Outdoor Pursuits

Walsall Outdoor Pursuits LogoWalsall Outdoor Pursuits has over 25 years' experience in delivering outdoor adventure programmes to people of all ages and are experienced at working with people with disabilities. We offer a wide range of activities both on and offsite, indoors and outside. We tailor a flexible programme that best suits your group and meets both your needs and theirs. We have two centres. A land based sports centre at Aldridge Airport and a water sports centre at Sneyd Lake, both located in Walsall. 

Contact Name: Stephen Penn 
Contact Number: 01922 744637 
Delivery Address: Aldridge Airport Activity Centre, Bosty Lane, Aldridge Walsall WS9 0QQ 

Willenhall Chart Centre

  Willenhall Chart based in the heart of Willenhall has delivered the Holiday Activities and Food project in partnership with Walsall Council for the last twelve months supporting and delivering activities to Children and Young People aged between 5 – 11 years old.

With the help of experienced staff, we deliver a range of activities as a result of the programme which included;

•    Exotic fruit tasting 
•    Fruit kebabs
•    Healthy Pizza making 
•    Fruit smoothie making 
•    Keep fit sessions
•    Competitive team sports sessions (football, cricket, basketball)
•    Grow your own (runner beans) including pot decorating
•    Winter Olympics relay games  
•    Healthy Walk to the local park 

Our provision enables opportunities for those who attend to;

•    develop new skills or knowledge
•    consolidate existing skills and knowledge
•    try out new experiences
•    have fun and socialise with others 

Contact Name: Wayne Palmer
Contact Number: 01902 368199 
Address: Willenhall CHART ,19 Gomer Street , Willenhall , WV13 2NS 

Maple Tree Nursery

Maple Tree Nursey and Pre-School Logo Maple Tree Nursery is a diverse and interesting place to play and learn, where all children and families are valued and respected and where all staff strive to achieve excellence in practice. We provide a happy, safe, homely and stimulating environment that include parent partnerships, where we include all parents as you are your child's first educator in their learning. Our mission is to develop confidence, resilience, creativity and a lifelong learning for all our community. 

Contact Name: Leanne Prothero 
Contact Number: 01922 648447 
Email Address: 
Address: 279A West Bromwich Road, Walsall, WS5 4NW 

The Creation Station

The Creation Station logo

We provide awarding winning art and craft activities to children of all ages from birth-13 years. 

Contact Name: Amanda Stone 
Contact Number: 07581791049 
Email Address: mandystone 
Address: Pelsall Village Centre, High Street, WS3 4LX 

Moorcroft Wood Primary School

Moorcroft Wood Primary School's logo  An outdoor play based holiday club enabling primary aged children to play and explore the outdoors, including problem solving, campfire cooking and the use of low ropes and building dens.  Children will also have the opportunity select and cook / make their own lunch from options provided. 

Contact Name: Andy Nicholls / Sue Perry 
Contact Number: 01902495943 
Email Address: 
Address: Moorcroft Wood Primary School, Bull Lane, Moxley, WV14 8NE

Joseph Leckie Academy

Joseph Leckie Academy's LogoJoseph Leckie Academy provides a safe but challenging environment which maximises opportunities for all members of the community. We work in partnership with parents to equip all of our students to be confident and effective young people and lifelong learners. 

Contact Name: Nafisa Ravat 
Contact Number: 01922721071 
Email Address:, 
Address: Joseph Leckie Academy, Walstead Road West, Walsall, WS5 4PG 

Turning Point Team / Walsall Council

Turning Point's LogoA pick and mix offer targeted at young people aged 13 + to provide them with a choice of activities they can engage with Opportunities to provide children with specific skills. These could be courses in, for example, dance, music, swimming, sports coaching, youth work training, fishing, mentoring. 

Contact Name: Fiona Wilson  
Contact Number: 07944674023 
Email Address: 
Address: My Place, 60 Walstead Road West, Walsall WS5 4PE
Website:  Website:

Little Crickets

Little Crickets LogoPre-school provider, have facility to operate as a holiday club when not in use. We would deliver craft activities, physical activities, sports events, educational learning on topics and offer music opportunities. 

Children will get an opportunity to socially interact with other children and have a fun time. 

Contact Name: Sukhvinder Kaur Khersa 
Contact Number: 07866570602 
Email Address: 
Address: Little Crickets Nursery located at Walsall Cricket Club Walsall, WS1 3BE 

Early Years Alliance ( Hatherton Pre School)

Early Years Alliance's LogoWe will be delivering HAF 10am until 2pm and the children will take part in a variety of activities to support health and wellbeing. This will include sports activities, multi skills, forest school, large games and football outdoors. there will be arts and crafts opportunities and cooking activities, such as fruit kebabs, smoothies and healthy pizzas. The children will make their own healthy lunches and staff will encourage talk about healthy eating and exercise. We will have animals brought in which will encourage conversations about knowledge and understanding of the world and promote personal and social development. The children will be welcomed at 10am and have a group activity until 10:20am. They will then do an activity until 11:20am and then wash their hands and prepare their lunch. In the afternoon they will do another activity before joining together to reflect upon the day and discuss what they enjoyed or what they thought would make their experience better. The children will make things to take home such as planters, water bottles and calm jars. 

Contact Name: Kirsty Gladders 
Contact Number: 07711556979 
Email Address: 
Address: Hatherton Pre-school, Bloxwich Lane, Walsall, WS2 7JT 

Active Gym Limited

Active Gym runs its own programmers with a reward scheme designed to encourage children. In addition to this we also provide British Gymnastics Proficiency Awards. We have professional qualified gymnastics coaches who are all enhanced DBS checked. Active Gym Limited has been running within Walsall Borough Council since 2012. 
Contact Name: Thao Lam
Contact Number: 07825216496                                         
Email Address:
Address:  Manor Farm CA, King George Crescent, WS4 1EU

SOC Communities Foundation CIC


We are the UK’s largest Coding & Computer Science educator for children and adults. Here at School of Coding, We teach computer science, coding and digital skills to children and adults across the UK & Europe. We provide coding lessons online and at our education centres. Our mission is to engage, inspire and create tech leaders of tomorrow from a young age. Our vision at School of Coding is to help students become more creative and logical thinkers, and one of the ways we do this is by innovating and creating state of the art tech workshops. Our holiday camps consist of fun-packed, engaging, educational coding & engineering workshops. We believe that a basic understanding of coding provides a set of fundamental skills that are vital to the child’s future and the future of the global economy. Therefore, we ensure our clubs and workshops are fun and inspiring for all students, and we do this by bringing Computer Science to life through interactive activities!

Project Coordinator: Cameron Atwal
Phone Number: 07802624826
Finance: Harjeet Cheema
HAF booking enquiries:
Phone number: 01902 509 209 
Address: Palfrey Junior School, Dale Street, Walsall, WS1 4AH

Golden Stars Kids Club

Golden Stars Kids Club & Training C.I.C. is a non profitable organisation, established since May 2021. We deliver projects within communities across the West Midlands. We offer services such as, detached play work, toy library, stay and play sessions, youth mentoring programmes, out of school clubs and holiday camps, play work training, parent support and before and after school escorting services.

Contact Name: Ishar Stewart-Whyte
Contact Number: 07482268925
Delivery Address: The Well Centre, Beacon Way, Walsall Wood, WS9 9HZ

Breakout Performing Arts

Breakout Performing Arts teach children from 3-16 years old to sing, dance and act. We are Ofsted registered and an accredited learning destination with Children's University. As well as teaching children how to sing, dance and act, our classes are great for confidence building, making friends and having fun!

Contact Name: Rachel Hardway
Contact Number: 07905831508
Delivery Address: Blue Coat Church of England Academy, Birmingham Street, Walsall, West Midlands, WS1 2ND 

Active Future Walsall

Active Future Walsall 
We have been established to increase the likelihood of lifelong participation.  We use a mixture of traditional and non-traditional activities to get and keep people active.  We are the preferred partner of many local authorities, charities and schools and one of the UK’s largest activity providers. All of our coaches are expert practitioners who are focused on providing the best possible experiences for children and have an enhanced DBS, Safeguarding, First Aid and a minimum Level 2 coaching qualification.

Contact Name: Kurtis Wright-Pottinger
Contact Number: 07580 433738
Email Address: 
Delivery Address: 
•    Rycroft Community Hub, New Forest Road, Walsall, WS3 1TR
•    Broadway Church, 2 Gillity Avenue, Walsall, WS5 3PH


Goscote Greenacres Community Garden

Goscote Greenacres logoGoscote Greenacres provides opportunities for people with disabilities who use the centre as well as residents, community groups and schools in the Goscote area. The site offers growing opportunities for everyone as well as education in food production and the natural environment. The site consists of 48 gardening plots, poly tunnels, Farm shop selling local produce, putting green, wildflower meadow, woodland walk and soon to include fishing platform and canal sidewalk along the Wyrley and Essington canal

Contact Name: Paul Mason
Contact Number: 07778582362
Delivery Address: Goscote Greenacres Community Garden, Goscote Lane, walsall, WS3 1SJ 

The New Art Gallery

Holy Trinity Primary School

At Holy Trinity, the Staff and Governors work in partnership with Parents and Carers. We value the contributions of a child’s whole family and are committed to building strong links with the community. We know that the more parents are engaged in their child’s learning, the greater the achievement, and we are delighted to talk with you about any aspect of your child’s learning and how you can support them at home.
As a school, we pride ourselves on being open and approachable and would encourage you to take the opportunity to visit us. We will be happy to welcome you.

Contact Name: Karen Johnson
Contact Number: 01543 452327
Email Address: 
Delivery Address: Holy Trinity Primary School, Church Street, Clayhanger, WS8 7EG

Sporting Spirit


A daily offer of  all your child's favourite sports such as football, basketball, cricket and additional sports such as soft archery, dodgeball and other sports. We will also offer arts and crafts on a daily basis. Lunch will be provided every day for your child. The final day of the week will have an organisation come in to do an art workshop and another organisation come in with some sports inflatables (weather permitting)

Contact Name: Mike
Contact Number: 01922 615179
Email Address: 
Delivery Address:  Afro Caribbean community centre, 36 Wolverhampton Road, Walsall, WS2 8PR

Simple Steps

Simple Steps logo

Simple Steps Training is a Community Interest Company. We work with the Walsall community to help promote cohesive living through education and upskilling. We are delighted to offer a range of activities that are guaranteed excite and engage your child during the summer holidays.  From learning how to apply Henna, activity days and Youth Career Days, each activity is bespoke designed to bring out your child's social, academic and creative flare. We will work closely to help boost your child's confidence through a series of team building and self-esteem and workshops. What's more, there will be plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables to promote healthy eating, with a hot meal to ensure they have full bellies for when they go home to you.  We will of course be in touch prior to the programme delivery to answer any of your questions. Monday - 1.Youth Career fun day (aged 10-16)   Tuesday PM Henna masterclass AM: Lets talk books (book club and reading, aged 5-10). Wednesday AM Fun Zumba and Healthy lifestyle session. PM: Sports activity, Football. Thursday AM Creativity and brain training day, Stone painting, learn how to crochet and jigsaws. Thursday PM Sports activity dodgeball/cricket.

Contact Name: Nazneed Gulzar
Contact Number: 07541060828 
Email address:   
Delivery Address:  Syeda Fatima Zahra Centre.  15 Birchills Street.  Walsall. WS2 8NF




Join us at the most exciting summer camp and learn from real online creatives and gaming professionals - Powered by UK esports club TENSTAR! Using various gaming titles including Minecraft: Education Edition our industry specialists will go through a  learning programme designed to build confidence and develop key skills. This alongside guaranteed physical activities and outdoor sports will help ensure your child gets the best possible mixture of fun and engaging activities. Activities include: Digital Skills (Cyber Safety, Mindfulness, Computing) Creative Workshops (Architecture, Green energy, Design Concepts) Outdoor sports (Cricket, Football, Basketball) Freeplay (Rocket League, Minecraft Building) + much more! Our summer camp is a must for any child who loves gaming, community, learning through play and wants to be part of a safe and inspiring environment. 

Contact Name: Dominic Widdop
Contact Number: 07943952315
Email Address: 
Delivery Address: Lower Farm Primary School, Bakewell Close, Bloxwich, Walsall, WS3 3QH

Progressive Sports

Progressive Sports focus is to inspire and encourage children to be physically active by working in partnership with schools and our local community. 
We’ve been providing holiday activities for children for over 15 years. Our current holiday provision is done through our Active Camps, which are a great way for children to be active, happy and healthy during school holidays. 

Contact Name:  Eddie Ray 
Contact Number: 01922 311039
Email Address: 
Delivery Address: Brownhills West Primary School, Shannon Drive, Brownhills, Walsall, WS8 7LA

Walsall Black Sisters Collective


Walsall Black Sisters Collective supports the wellbeing of those in need across Walsall. We run: an after-school club, day care for older people, a women's empowerment project, a befriending project, mental health support through counselling and other interventions.

Contact Name:  Thomas Williamson 
Contact Number: 01922 616996.
Email Address:
Delivery Address: 17 Wednesbury Road, Walsall, WS1 3RU 
Website is


All Stars CIC

All Stars Walsall CIC focuses on helping the community with education, health, and wellbeing as well as providing the opportunity to get involved with sports. We take individuals and give them a platform to work with, ensuring our community strives for excellence. 

Contact Name: Muhammad Khan
Contact Number: 07988692300
Delivery Address: Fearless Boxing Academy, Wharf Street, Walsall, West Midlands, WS2 9ES 


The Mind Kind CIC

logoThe MindKind Community Centre is a warm and friendly space for children and young people to take part in fun activities this summer. 6–11 year old’s will have the chance to take part in nature based craft in our garden, make things to take home and spend a day learning a cheerleading routine. The fun doesn’t stop there, they will have a day out to Asgard games and get to play board games from a selection of 100’s of games and have lunch in this amazing space.  
Our Henna, Hair and Beauty 4-day taster gives girls 14+ the chance to work with a qualified beautician with state-of-the-art beauty tools to learn skills and have fun. Learn to thread, curl hair and how to apply henna on this four-day crash course with our lovely Mona. 
Young people 14+ who might want to gain a qualification in mental health first aid worth £250 can also book onto our four-day mental health course and campaign. This is a great opportunity to talk about how we can reduce stigma through a fun campaign making posters, social media posts and learning together. Young people will gain a Youth Mental Health Qualification valid for three years and a certificate of achievement from MindKind. 

Contact Name: Sureya Gulzar
Contact Number: 07480557994 / 01922 632170
Delivery Address: 10 Profit Street, Walsall, WS2 8AP


Sturridge Football Academy CIC


The Sturridge Football Academy CIC provides school leavers, with a passion for football, an opportunity to pursue their dreams and aspirations of playing professionally whilst achieving a Level 3 qualification in Sport.  Our partnerships provide pathways into higher levels of football and higher education, and we have a proven track record of raising achievement levels and aspirations.  We run a football team for younger players and aim to provide safe, nurturing and encouraging environments for young people in the community to thrive not only in football but in all aspects of their lives for them to become confident, well-rounded individuals who can make a positive contribution to society.
Our values are to 
•    Inspire to achieve and fulfil potential
•    Challenge behaviour and attitudes, promoting Respect and celebrating diversity
•    Develop and Empower future leaders
•    Innovate in delivery

Contact Name: Natasha Gordon
Contact Number: 07511 831 658
Delivery Address: Manor Farm Community Association, King George Crescent, Walsall, WS4 1EU


Key Sounds

Learn to play your favourite songs & even compose your own. Ukuleles, Drums,  

Keyboards, Percussion etc. Movies & Party’s: Wednesday afternoon is movie afternoon with a range of snacks. Thursday is party afternoon / part games, dancing etc. Arts & Craft activities; such as painting, collage, creating posters, building your own board game. Sport /Active activities; obstacle courses, floor is lava games, water fights (weather per mitting), other organised active games. Baking/cooking; simple ‘fridge bake’ or ’no bake’ recipes.  
Contact Name: Simon Hall 
Contact Number:  07889272368 
Email Address:  
Delivery Address: School St, Darlaston, Wednesbury WS10 8D 

Provider Mapping Summer 2022 

HAF Providers Map Summer 2022