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Who are our holiday activities providers ?

Find out more about our HAF holiday programme delivery partners in Walsall

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We are proud to work with a range of providers to develop an exciting and enriching programme of activities.

We are working with our partners to develop the programme of virtual and face-to-face activities. They include schools, local voluntary and community organisations and childcare providers.

Delivery partners 

Find out more about our delivery partners, their skills and expertise, and contact information in the drop-down list below.

Ace Coaching

With our ethos being 'Fun Through Learning' we pride ourselves on delivering high quality sports coaching, whilst focusing on confidence building, mindfulness, team work and fun. Ace Coaching is a specialist sports coaching company, that offers football, multi-sports, street dance, martial arts and fencing courses to all schools, throughout the academic school year and during school holidays. 

As a professional sports coaching company, Ace Coaching provides pre-school, lunchtime, CPD / PPA and after school clubs every week of the academic year. In addition, a vast amount of children attend our football, multi-sports, and street dance courses held at local venues, each school holiday.

Our qualified coaches, all who hold current DBS clearance, are assigned to provide fun-based sports coaching sessions to primary and secondary school children. 

Our sports courses include football, multi-sports (covering sports such as tennis, cricket, tag rugby, basketball, hockey, athletics and fitness training), street dance, multi-skills, martial arts and fencing.


Contact details:

Venue delivery address: Manor Farm CA, King George Crescent, WS4 1EU


Phone: 07891297861

Acti-Fit Midlands Ltd

Acti-Fit is a Midlands based organisation, specialising in early years and young people's educational programmes Since launching in May 2019, Acti-Fit has led the charge in tackling socioeconomic issues by designing and delivering innovative, early years programmes.  We have taken traditional offerings, such as extracurricular programmes and Alternative Provision and implemented more focused outcomes, to optimise, Mental and Physical wellbeing, cognitive function and confidence. Our programmes aim to give individuals the tools to become more confident within themselves and their ability to succeed; by developing stress management and self-care techniques.  Understanding the importance of nutrition, physical and mental health.  Whilst developing a growth mindset, to help them achieve happiness in adulthood.   


Contact details:

Delivery address: Delves Infant and Junior School, Bell Lane, Walsall, WS5 4PU


Website: Acti-Fit 

Youtube: Acti-Fit 






Almozene Day Nursery

We are a 50 placed Ofsted registered Day Nursery that caters and aids the holistic development of all children within our care.  We also cater for school aged children allowing them to complete homework enjoying games with peers etc.  

Contact Details:

Venue delivery address: Almozene Day Nursery, 23 Mellish Road, Walsall,WS4 2DQ
Phone: 01922 722066

Bentley Childcare

Bentley Childcare is a purpose-built facility providing childcare for 172 children aged 0 to 11 years old. We are federated with Bentley West Schools and share the same site. We have 42 staff who are all qualified to at least childcare level 3. 

Contact details:  

Address: Bentley Childcare, Monmouth Road, Bentley, Walsall WS2 0EQ 


Phone: 01922 746592

Website: Bentley Childcare

Bethel Lighthouse Centre

Bethel Lighthouse have been delivering services in the community for over 50 years, we are not just a church but a community facility. Our aim is to empower and develop local people who are in need.  We have successfully ran community projects and social enterprises; which have included a community nursery, gym, community restaurant, food bank, soup kitchen to support the homeless, ‘Ready Steady Summer children activities program, and our outreach and befriending programme called Here to Help. Bethel lighthouse centre has a restaurant with an industrial kitchen. We currently hold a long-lasting contract for providing nutritious meals for a nursery and an elderly day centre within Walsall. We have a voluntary qualified cook, assessor, mentor and manager; who provides daily meals for nursery children to senior citizen age. The diverse menus are attractive, tasty, appealing, healthy, and nutritious. We have a pastoral team of qualified mentors, youth leader and two qualified counsellors to give support to adults and young people.  

Contact details: 

Address: Bethel United Church (Apostolic) Walsall, Bethel Lighthouse Christian Centre, Caldmore Road, Walsall WS1 3NQ  

Website: Bethel Lighthouse

Phone: 01922 628870 


Bloxwich Community Partnership

'Our Charity for Your Community'
To bring local people together, to support people of all ages to engage in learning, leisure and social activity and to encourage healthy lifestyles and well being.

The Electric Palace is our dedicated space for young people. Our vibrant centre offers activities for children and young people, providing young people with a wide variety of activities and qualifications, which are fully managed and facilitated by qualified and experienced youth staff. Safeguarding and young people’s welfare is integral to all our work.

Contact details:

Address: The Electric Palace, Blakenall Row, Blakenall, Walsall WS3 1LW

Phone: 01922 712069


Website: Bloxwich Community Partnership

Follow us on Instagram: 

BMYG Youth Work CIC / Youth Connect

BMYG Youth Work CIC working under the trading name Youth Connect is one of the main providers of youth services in Walsall, working with hundreds of young people across the borough. We use centre based, detached, sports sessions as well as specialised programmes and interventions to work with young people and their families.  We have over 10 years’ experience of working with hard to reach and marginalised young people in some of the most deprived wards in the UK. Our experience with our local mainstream youth population’s, NEETS young people, young offenders or those on the periphery of youth crime has shaped our delivery and the way we offer services to young people.  In order to maximise buy in from young people and offer the best chances of positive outcomes we always try to ensure a bespoke package of delivery for the needs of the young people we are working with. Youth Connect works primarily in central and South Walsall delivering multiple weekly sessions. All of our sessions are of no cost to young people. Working with the police, local authority, community partners and education providers we target hot spot areas and co-develop interventions with young people and partners. We work with a very diverse youth population and understand that whilst local authority youth work has greatly diminished, their is still a vital need for open access youth work. Young people need increasing support in Walsall as youth unemployment is increasing, anti social behaviour and youth crime is rising , young people need a more holistic support offer to enrich their lives. Our projects are mainly aimed at working with young people between the ages of 8 to 19 (up to 23 in cases of LDD). We offer and aim to target all young people regardless of the race, religion, sexual orientation or background and work with young people for young people to ensure that their voices are enshrined in the projects we deliver. 

Contact details:


Website: Youth Connect

Brownhills Community Association

We are a self-supporting enterprise providing a range of services for the local area. We work with partners to provide support, education, recreation and leisure facilities for the general community. 

We are located in the lovely old Central Schools building opposite the Brownhills Miner statue and have a cafe and other resources. 

Contact details: 

Address: Brownhills Community Centre, Chester Road North, Brownhills WS8 7JW

Website : Brownhills Community Association

Phone: 01543 452119


Charlie Caterpillar's Day Nursery

Our team at Charlie Caterpillar's Day Nursery are committed to provide all children with the tender loving care they deserve.  We truly believe that parents are the first and most important teachers of children, and by working together we can support each child to reach their highest potential.  Our environment and ethos helps children to feel safe, appreciated and valued in everything they attempt and achieve.  Our activities are aimed at 9-14 year olds. We have various other activities also on offer such as snooker, pool, darts, arts and crafts, sports on offer throughout. 
Lunch will be provided.

Contact details: 

Address: Charlie Caterpillar's Day Nursery, Unit 1, Dorchester Park, Commercial Road, Walsall WS2 7NQ

Phone: 01922 497136

Email: /


Darlaston All Active (DAA)

Darlaston All Active (DAA) is a community organisation based at the Town Hall in the centre of Darlaston.  It was established in 2008 with support of volunteers, the local community and local businesses.  It originally operated out of a different building but relocated to the Town Hall in 2012 DAA has become a valuable asset to the local community which has meant the Town Hall has become a well-used, popular venue that offers activities and support to the local community of all ages and abilities.  Various social and leisure activities take place there alongside live entertainment events and various community outreach projects.

Contact details: 

Venue delivery address:  Darlaston Town Hall, Victoria Road, Darlaston WS10 8AA

Telephone 07760116330

 Email: Darlaston All Active

Website: Darlaston All Active (DAA)


Fit For Sport

Fit For Sport, the UK's Leading Healthy Lifestyle Activities Provider is an OFSTED registered organisation with over 27 years’ experience of delivering in school and out of school provisions. We focus on providing structured activities that educate and engage children in physical activity. We believe that helping children to enjoy being active from an early age will set them on a journey to a healthy, active life.   

Contact details:

Delivery address: Blue Coat C.E. (A) Infant School, Hanch Place, Walsall WS1 3AF

Website: Fit For Sport,

Phone: 020 8742 4990  



Frank F Harrison Community Association

Frank F Harrison Community Association (FFHCA) is a registered charity, working closely with the local community to provide a wide range of educational and recreational opportunities in response to local need.

FFHCA offers a wide range of activities for the whole community. We offer impartial information on learning opportunities both within the centre and the local area, whether you are looking for education or fun, to re-train for work, or to improve your qualifications. Adult education, children’s programmes and youth programmes are available.

We currently deliver our provision across three locations within the areas of benefit:

Website: Frank F Harrison Community Association

Phone:  01922 746967


HOPE Autism Network

HOPE is a support group that is run for parents/carers of children with autism. It started in 2019, and is a voluntary, one-woman operation. Supporting parents and carers is at the heart of HOPE. Parents and carers can join together and share the excitement, hope, frustrations, achievements and positive strategies with each other.

As a parents/carer, you will be provided with Easter resource bags and a video to give examples and ideas on how you can engage in creative activities with your child during the Easter holiday period. Video links include: 

  • listening to sounds outdoors
  • making Easter cards
  • colouring
  • painting
  • growing cress

And lots of other exciting things to make and do to enjoy the Easter season.

Child activity packs will be put together and made available to collect in an allotted time slot. The local collection point will be suitable for families to meet socially distanced, should restrictions allow. Otherwise, they can be posted/delivered (subject to GDPR and parent postal information).

Website: Hope Autism Network

Contact HOPE by email

Inspire Group

The Inspire Group exists to inspire sport, engage people and empower communities. We believe that active individuals can contribute to healthy communities and all people should have the chance to take part in meaningful physical activity in order to live the benefits that come with it.”

Contact details:

Delivery address: Pelsall Community Centre, Station Rd, Pelsall, Walsall, WS3 4BQ  

Phone: 07737615070



Twitter: @weareinspire

Facebook: /weareinspiregroup

Instagram: @weareinspiregroup


KIDS supports over 13,700 disabled children, young people and their families every year by delivering over 80 services throughout England.

We ensure disabled children, from birth to age 25, have the opportunity to learn, play, build friendships, gain confidence and improve their well-being and we provide vital time, emotional and practical support to parents and siblings.

KIDS, 249 Birmingham Road, Birmingham B72 1EA

Venue delivery address: Rycroft Community Hub, 28 New Forest Road, Walsall WS3 1TR

Phone: 0121 355 2707


Kids in Communication (KIC)

Kids in Communication (KIC) is a youth media non-profit organisation helping young people (aged 10 to 18) reach their full potential through supporting them in the community. We are proud to launch the country's first digital pop up youth club (Kicsters) which takes a range of unique digital activities designed to boost confidence, communication and resilience amongst young people. We aim to provide locally based Kicsters clubs to engage young people in areas of identified need. Activities include radio, photography, digital graffiti, gaming, animation and more. 

Contact details:

Delivery address: Darlaston Town Hall, Victoria Road, Darlaston WS10 8AA 

Phone: 07935754677 






Learn Play Foundation

LearnPlay Foundation is a not-for-profit digital media agency with educational, charitable, social and community objects. We create games, films and websites and help those who aspire to do the same. We’re also an accomplished training provider with experience delivering training programmes, workshops & courses to thousands of learners from all ages, levels and backgrounds.  All participants will require internet connectivity and a laptop that enables video conferencing software.

Contact details:


Phone: 01902 455009  

Website: LearnPlay Foundation

LGK in the community

PictureLGK in the community works with young people and the community at large to address wellbeing, health inequalities, food poverty and social cohesion.

The charity are a food and heritage organisation using the values of food and our culture and heritage to make an everlasting change to those that need it most. 

Contact Details: 

Email:  or 

 Delivery Address: King Charles Primary School, Wilkes Avenue, WS2 0JN

Website: /

Phone:  07917172491 

Lifegate Communities

Our activity provider has over ten years of experience training individuals and groups on how to play the keyboard.

Lifegate Communities Centre, Short Acre Street, Walsall WS2 8HW


Phone: 01922 278112

Mettaminds CIC


Mettaminds CIC is working to 'create healthy minds for all'. Through our courses, programmes and classes, Mettaminds helps you to explore different wellbeing practices and tools.

Creating Healthy Minds 

Workplace |  Education and Training |  Workshops | Coaching | Tai Chi | Meditation | Mindfulness | Yoga | Wellbeing solutions

Contact Details: 

Phone: 07882253187

Email: Mettaminds

Website: Mettaminds 


Midland Langar Seva Society (MLSS)

Midland Langar Seva Society (MLSS), established in 2013, is a non-profit organisation charity that provide hot meals seven days a week, 52 weeks per year, over 26 towns to the homeless and under-privileged. We also do food parcels for the elderly who are unable to cook due to health reasons, for those who are in isolation, or on low income (awaiting benefits). Our aim is to eradicate hunger. 

We have recently acquired a  community hub where one of the projects will be to provide boxing for over 80 children. This will help to build self-confidence, keep them of the street and meet other children / families; and socialise all within strict Covid guidelines. 

Contact details:

Address: 501 Bloxwich Road, Bloxwich WS32 XA 


Website: Midland Langar Seva Society


  • 24hr emergency parcel delivery: 07903 400179
  • MLSS team support: 07903 400179

Nash Dom

Nash Dom CIC is an Eastern European and Russian-speaking Community Support and Business Development Centre, we are a registered community interest company since May 2010. Nash Dom is working with community representatives, businesses, individuals and other related organisations from across eleven communities that include Slovaks, Poles, Lithuanians, Czechs, Latvians, Georgians, Belarusians, Romanians, Moldovans and Armenians.


Contact details: 

Address: Nash Dom Community Hub, Sun Street, Walsall, WS1 4AL  


Phone: 01922616444

Website: Nash Dom CIC 

Premier Education

Premier Education is the UK’s No.1 provider of sport and physical activity to primary schools.

Premier Education is dedicated to improving the health and wellbeing of children through active learning. We deliver sports, arts and wellbeing courses to around 240,000 primary school children every year.

Having started more than 20 years ago offering just football camps, we have evolved into the No.1 provider of sports and physical activities to primary school children in the UK. This status is something we take great pride in. Our network of Activity Professionals has grown to over 1,000 and it is their passion for what they do that sets us apart. Inspiring a life-long love of sport and being active is at the heart of all of us.

Our activities now go beyond football and include a range of activities from badminton to boccia, handball to hockey, lacrosse to lifeskills. There’s something for every child of every ability to explore and enjoy with Premier Education.

Our Holiday Camps provide a safe, fun and social place for your child to be throughout the Summer holidays. We've designed our Holiday Camps with safety in mind: grouped bubbles, reduced numbers and much more! 

Contact details:

Delivery address: Moat Hall Primary School, John's Lane, Great Wyrley, Walsall WS6 6BX / Ryders Hayes School, Gilpin Crescent, Pelsall, Walsall, WS3 4HX / St John’s Primary School WS9 9NA

Phone: 07889728531


Website: Premier Education

Sports Plus Scheme Ltd

Physical activity provider, educational training provider, sports coaching provider.

Sports Plus Scheme is an award-winning sports coaching company providing next-level PE and sports education to hundreds of primary schools across the Midlands. Every day our qualified sports professionals deliver carefully considered and cost-effective programmes that help more than 20,000 primary school children stay happy, healthy and active. We understand the challenges schools face around PE and sports.

By working as part of your team, we can support the accountability for your PE provision and help make sure all your KS1 and KS2 pupils develop their PE skills and enjoy fun, engaging lessons and rewarding physical activity. We offer fun and engaging holiday sports camps provision to 4 to 11 year olds with the aim of getting all children physically active within the holidays, taking part in different sports and activities designed to their age and ability. Sports Plus is celebrating 20 years this year of delivering programmes across Walsall and the West Midlands. 

Contact details: 

Delivery addresses: 

  • Pelsall Cricket Club, Walsall Road, Pelsall WS3 4BP
  • The Streetly Academy, Queslett Road East B74 2EX
  • Abbey Primary School Glastonbury Cres, Bloxwich, Walsall WS3 2RP             
  • Shire Oak Academy School
  • Little Bloxwich Primary School, Grenfell Rd, Little Bloxwich, Walsall WS3 3DL 


Phone: 01922 453322


The Playscheme

The Playscheme is a term time holiday club offering fun activities for children through physical activity, healthy life style choices and art and crafts. We aim to ensure all children enjoy the scheme whilst meeting new friends and learning new skills. We offer multi sports, arts and  crafts and swimming to children everyday. 

Contact details:

Delivery address: Willenhall E-act Academy, Furzebank Way, WV12 5BD and West Walsall 

Email: The Playscheme

Phone: 07704757631

Please see our Facebook page for our reviews received from parents: @theplayscheme19 or visit

Community Footprints

Community Footprints Service offer a range of courses to suit individual needs.  All courses are accredited by OCNWM/.

Contact details:

Address: Community Footprints Service, 28 New Forest Road, New Forest Estate, Walsall WS3 1TR 


Website: Community Footprints Service

Phone: 01922325410

Urban Hax

Urban Hax CIC is a non-profit makerspace established in the Black Country. 

Its mission is to build a community of makers, tinkerers, innovators and hobbyists who come together to share their knowledge, skills and crafts with other members of the community. Our goals are to build upon the knowledge of others, establish a creative space where people can come together (young and old) to nurture the basic human desire to make, and give access to tools and equipment that aren’t commercially available to the public. Through talks, classes, workshops, collaborative projects, and other activities, we want to encourage research, knowledge exchange, learning, and mentoring in a safe, clean space.

Contact Details:


2, The Bridge, Walsall, WS1 1LY 

Website: Urban Hax

Telephone: 01922 648126 


Sassy Sensory Surprises

 At Sassy Sensory Surprises we are very passionate about spreading love, joy and more awareness when it comes to sensory. We want to help children achieve positive sensory experiences in a safe, calm environment.

Our aim is to update weekly sensory play activities, ideas and general support for parents and professionals.


Contact Details:    
Email: Sassy Sensory Surprises

Telephone: 07519820839


Facebook : 

Walsall FC Community Programme

Walsall FC Community Programme was formed in 1989 as the registered charity of Walsall Football Club. We aim to make our vision a reality by delivering sessions and projects under WFCCP’s four key themes of Education, Sports Participation, Engagement and Health: Education – We work together to make a positive impact on individuals and the wider communities to enable people to achieve their goals and progression in life working in partnership with local educational establishments. Sports Participation – We aim to inspire and raise aspirations of local people to engage in sporting activities centered on football as the core sport. This will be all encompassing participation and, if needed, focus on specific individuals or groups. Engagement – We deliver a wide range of innovative, quality programmes that engage people through football and sport. Through this we can support all groups and individuals in Walsall. Health – We will enable introductions to healthy lifestyles, continued participation in healthy activities and supporting residents to create a more active and healthier way of life. We aim to provide excellent communication and customer care, and opportunities that empower and engage all users. WFCCP will also maintain Walsall FC’s tradition and standing as an excellent “Community” football club. 

Contact details:

Address: Banks's Stadium, Bescot Crescent, Walsall WS1 4SA 


Phone: 01922 644742

Walsall Leisure

Healthy Spaces

Walsall Healthy Spaces Team improves and showcases our parks and open spaces. It supports communities of all ages to take part in sports and healthy activities across the whole of Walsall through our facilities, events and directly delivered activities.  

Website: Walsall Parks and Green Spaces

Walsall Leisure

Walsall Leisure offers a wide range of activities and facilities. Enjoy a swim, play sport in our sports halls, workout in our gyms or take part on one of our many classes, within our 4 borough Leisure Centres.

Website:  Walsall Leisure


Walsall Libraries

Walsall Libraries is a public library service made up of a network of 7 libraries. 

These are located across the Walsall borough and comprise the Lichfield Street Hub (Central Library and Archives) five district libraries: Aldridge, Bloxwich, Brownhills, Darlaston Willenhall and Streetly Community Library. We also operate a Mobile Library and Home Library Service which offers a delivery service to people in their own homes due to illness, mobility or disability issues. 

Our focus is to provide library and information services to all sectors of the community for all ages, and we enjoy working with our local community partners to achieve this.

Website: Walsall Libraries

Check out our Facebook page at Love Walsall Libraries or follow our Twitter feed @WalsallLibrary


Walsall Outdoor Pursuits

Walsall Outdoor Pursuits has over 25 years' experience in delivering outdoor adventure programmes to people of all ages and are experienced at working with people with disabilities. We offer a wide range of activities, on and offsite, indoors and outside. We tailor a flexible programme that best suits your group and meets both your needs and theirs.

We have two centres, both located in Walsall: 

  • Land-based sports centre at Aldridge Airport
  • Water sports centre at Sneyd Lake

Aldridge Airport Activity Centre, Bosty Lane, Aldridge, Walsall WS9 0QQ

Website: Aldridge Airport Outdoor Centre

Phone: 01922 744 637

Willenhall Chart Centre