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Collaboration and engagement

We are keen to work with parents, carers, children and young people and professionals in developing and improving our services for children with SEND. Your voices are important to us and we aim to ensure that collaboration and engagement is essential to improving outcomes for our children.

Our Co-Production and Engagement Charter has been developed with parents and carers and sets out how we will ensure that our collaboration and engagement is meaningful.

We will be updating these pages in the coming weeks with information about our collaboration and engagement activity and information about how you can get involved. In the meantime, if you would like further information about current opportunities get involved please contact us.

Our Co-Production and Engagement Charter

We will:

  1. Establish a shared understanding of the importance of meaningful co-production and engagement, based on honesty, transparency and compassion, to improve outcomes for all children, young people and young adults with SEND in Walsall.
  2. Agree with all parties on how we will involve children, young people and their parents or carers before any piece of work goes ahead.
  3. Develop guidance and a toolkit to promote and support effective and inclusive participation and coproduction. This guidance will be available to all professionals and families on the Local Offer website.
  4. Provide training on an on-going basis, for staff, children, young people, and their parents or carers, to develop their skills around participation and co-production.
  5. Make sure information about the services available for children, young people and young adults with SEND, is accessible.
  6. Ensure that parents or carers who are experts in relation to SEND, are able to both contribute to the current improvement programme, and inform future developments by sharing their families’ experiences of SEND provision.
  7. Create and support a SEND young people’s forum, to facilitate their involvement in producing a participation and co-production policy, its implementation, and on-going activities.
  8. Work closely with parents and parent support groups (FACE, the Coalition Group and others), to ensure that parents and carers participate in strategic decision-making relating to all aspects of SEND.
  9. Focus on restorative practice opportunities to redress differences, and achieve improved relationships going forward.
  10. Collect and share good practice case studies (using agreed quality standards/quality assurance criteria) and evidence based research, to demonstrate good practice nationally and locally.
  11. Review this agreement annually.

How will we know it is working?

We'll know this when:

  • children, young people and their families feel that they are listened to, and that their views are routinely sought and valued
  • SEND provision is informed, designed, and reviewed, with children, young people, parents and carers
  • plans for children and young people are created with them and their families
  • children, young people and their families feel supported to speak up and expect to be involved

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