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Carer User Support Partnership

Carer User Support Partnership (CUSP) and Peer Assessors

Carer User Support Partnership Group (CUSP) is made up of service users and carers age 18 and over who volunteer their time and experience. 

The group meets bi-monthly at the Council House.

Speakers are invited from different services to attend and give a talk.  These talks provide a useful resource of information about the various services which helps the service user/carer to understand or find out how to access the service which they or their loved one may need. 

The sessions provide an opportunity for members to ask questions and provide a platform for members to pass on comments, complaints or compliment the services. 

Some members of CUSP are also supported by the Council to become Peer Assessors

Peer Assessors

Peer Assessors provide an invaluable volunteer resource to monitor the quality of Services where service user consultation takes place.

Peer Assessors are trained and supported to interview other service users to find out their experiences and feedback.

Peer Assessors also support with the tendering of services and recruitment of Council staff.

You can get involved by:

becoming a peer assessor

being interviewed when your service is being reviewed

For further information contact:

Adult Social Care Commissioning

Telephone 01922 655596