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Drink Drive

Audience: 17 - 25 Years

Venue / Location: Colleges

Partners: West Midlands Police

Drink driving risks not only your own life but your passengers and others on the road. Any amount of alcohol affects your ability to drive. If you do drink and drive then you are at risk of a fine of up to £5,000, a minimum of a 12 month driving ban and a criminal record. Walsall Council deliver this campaign by using a driving simulator. This campaign also links into the Beer Monkey campaign.

Beer Monkey

Audience: 17 - 25 Years

Venue / Location: Colleges, Local bars and pubs

Partners: West Midlands Road Safety Partnership

This regional campaign is designed to provide information to its audience about how much alcohol they have consumed and when they will be free of alcohol. However this is not just a campaign, it is also an app that can be downloaded through the app store. When you download this app it will ask for your details for example age and weight etc. It will then ask you to input how much alcohol you have drunk and what type of alcohol it was. After providing this information, it will then advise you of a predicted time that you will be alcohol free. Beer mats have been distributed around local bars and pubs to increase the target audience.

To find out more information on when it is safe to drive.

Drug Drive

Audience: 17 - 25 years

Venue / Location: Colleges

Partners: West Midlands Fire Service

It is against the law to operate any vehicle whilst under the influence of any type of drug. Even prescribed medication from a doctor can state that you will be unfit to drive whilst taking them. Driving under the influence has the same penalties as drink driving, it slows down the drivers reactions and ability to control the vehicle putting other road users and passengers at risk. Just like the drink driving campaign, Walsall Council works in partnership with the Police delivering Drug Drive campaigns to young people by using the driving simulator.

Mobile Phones

Audience: All Ages

Venue / Location: Events and Colleges

Partners: West Midlands Fire Service

The publicity campaign for mobile phones was aimed at warning drivers of the dangers of using a mobile phone whilst driving. It is based on research that shows that if you drive whilst using a mobile phone you are four times more likely to have an accident than if you were to switch it off. The main message for this campaign reads: '"Think! Switch it off before you drive".

In Car Safety

Audience: Parents and Guardians

Venue / Location: Supermarkets e.g. Asda, Morrisons

Partners: West Midlands Police

The Road Safety Team work in partnership with West Midlands Fire Service to ensure that car seats are fitted correctly to all vehicles. This campaign is to advice and assist members of the public with road safety advice.Trained officers will be there during the campaign event to provide a free safety check on childrens care seats to see whether it is suitable for the vehicle it is fixed too and the child that it is intended to carry. If needed the officers may adjust the car seat to ensure that it is fitted correctly. Checks take approximately five minutes and there is no booking needed as you can just turn up to any event taking place near you. Road safety officers will also be on hand to provide extra advice and support when doing the checks. They will also be there to provide other general road safety advice.

For more information on in car safety please contact us.

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