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Buying a home

Preserved Right to Buy
In March 2003, all homes owned by Walsall Council were sold to WHG Housing Trust or WATMOS Housing Co-operative. If you were a council tenant before the transfer, your right to buy was preserved, which means you may still be eligible for both the preserved Right to Buy Scheme and the Right To Acquire Scheme. You are advised to contact your landlord for advice on which scheme you should apply under.
As a general rule, if you have been a tenant for many years it may be better to apply under the Preserved Right to Buy Scheme as your discount depends on how long you have been a tenant.
If you have been a tenant for only a few years, the Right to Acquire Scheme may be better for you as the discount for this is fixed and could add up to more than your discount under the preserved Right to Buy Scheme.
Right to Acquire
This scheme allows tenants of Housing Associations, Housing Trusts and Housing Co-operatives (known collectively as Registered Social Landlords) to buy their home.