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Opening hours


Attending a funeral


The cremation process

Direct cremation

Booking a burial or scattering of ashes

Rules and regulations 


Opening hours 

Month Time
January, November, December

 8am - 4pm

 February, October

 8am - 5pm

 March, April, September

 8am - 6pm

 May, June, July, August

 8am - 7pm

 These sites open at 9am on Saturday, Sunday, Bank Holidays and such other  days as may be appointed as council  staff  holidays.




Attending a funeral

  1. Anyone who has been in contact with someone with Covid-19, or who has Covid-19 themselves, has to self-isolate and cannot attend a funeral
  2. Anyone who is over 70 or who has underlying health conditions should be shielding themselves and should not attend a funeral
  3. You must practice social distancing measures at all times - please remain 2m away from everyone and follow all instructions issued by council employees
  4. Only members of the deceased’s household / close family should attend the funeral
  5. Attendances:

Streetly Crematorium

Social distancing must be observed by all attendees. To encourage this we have marked out ‘safe’ seats in each chapel at Streetly Crematorium. There will now be:-

• 10 seats in the East Chapel, and

• 15 seats in the West Chapel. ​

In addition, a maximum of 15 additional attendees can stand outside the chapel and listen to the service. Once again, 2m social distancing must apply. ​

Council cemeteries

A maximum of 30 attendees will be allowed to attend a burial. The attendees must observe social distancing and should be careful not to stand on other graves.

  1. It is the responsibility of each family to determine who the attendees will be
  2. Funeral services must not take more than 30 minutes
  3. Families must not touch the coffin at our premises – rather they should ‘blow a kiss’ or wave
  4. We are unable to accommodate requests to witness coffins being charged into the cremators or for families to backfill graves themselves
  5. Funeral attendees are welcome to film the service and make this available through media platforms as long as prior permission has been sought from the officiant and cemetery / crematorium staff



Please note that attendance levels are reduced to meet the Government guidance on social distancing.

There are two chapels at Streetly Crematorium:


  • East Chapel - Seating for approximately 45 people with standing space for an additional 10-15 people
  • West Chapel - Seating for approximately 90 people with standing space for an additional 25-30 people

Both chapels offer:

  • external speaker systems
  • digital organs
  • Obitus music systems, using BOSE speakers
  • waiting areas
  • toilet facilities (including disabled and baby change facilities)
  • induction look for the hearing impaired
  • large print books (available on request)
  • braille hymn books (available on request)
  • velvet curtains
  • vestry
  • service / hymn books
  • interchangeable religious symbols
  • 45 minute slots, allowing 35 minutes for each service
  • fully accessible, suitable for use by all abilities

At present we are unable to accommodate requests to witness the charging of the coffin into the cremator


The cremation process

  1. Before the service

  • hearse arrives at crematorium

  • the coffin is removed from the hearse and moved into the chapel to be placed on the catafalque


  1. During the service

  • the coffin remains on the catafalque whilst the service takes place


  1. After the service

  • when the mourners have left the chapel the coffin is moved onto a transfer trolley

  • the coffin is transferred to the charge area - which is where the cremators are located

  • the identity is confirmed and details input into the computer system


  1. The cremation

  • the coffin is placed into the cremator and the cremation begins

  • approximately 1.5 hours after placing the coffin in the cremator (known as charging) the cremation is complete


  1. After the cremation

  • cremated remains are raked into a cooling chamber

  • once cool the cremated remains are moved to a transfer container

  • metal residues are removed from the remains for recycling

  • remains are placed in the cremulator for reduction

  • ten minutes later the reduced remains are removed from the cremulator

  • the remains are transferred into a suitable container which is clearly identified

  • the remains are stored in temporary deposit, and either:

  • cremated remains are collected by the applicant or someone acting on their behalf, or,

  • ashes are dispersed within the crematorium grounds in accordance with the applicant's wishes


Direct cremation

A direct cremation involves no formal funeral service. The cremation is carried out and the cremated remains are either returned to the family or interred / scattered in accordance with their wishes. Direct cremations are cheaper than a standard cremation as there is no service and mourners generally do not attend.

Some families do go on to hold a separate memorial event or celebration to commemorate the life of the deceased at a later date.


Booking a burial or scattering of ashes

  1. Family decide whether to have the ashes buried or scattered.

Burial options:

  • Under a kerbside plaque at Bloxwich, Ryecroft or Streetly cemetery
  • In a Foley vault at Streetly Cemetery
  • In a cremated remains grave at Bentley, Bloxwich, James Bridge, North Walsall, Streetly or Willenhall Lawn cemetery
  • A family grave (this will require the permission of the grave owner)
  • A new full size grave at North Walsall, Streetly or Willenhall Lawn cemetery

Scatter options:

  • Gardens of remembrance are available at Bloxwich, Ryecroft and Streetly cemeteries. These are large grassed communal areas where a number ashes are scattered each year. There are specific areas for leaving floral tributes but no individual / personal memorials can be placed in the gardens themselves
  1. Family complete the relevant application form:



  1. Family or funeral director submit all relevant paperwork via email to
  2. We will call you to book an appointment and take payment so please make sure you supply us with a contact number. Please note our number shows as withheld
  3. We will email confirmation of your appointment. This will include a map of where to meet our representative
  4. On the day of the service family arrive at the cemetery or crematorium and gather in the specified location
  5. Council representative will meet you and carry out identity checks, then:


  • Representative will place the ashes in accordance with your application
  • Representative will install the memorial plaque or backfill the grave


  • Representative will take the ashes and transfer them into a scattering urn
  • Representative will return and lead you to the Garden of Remembrance where the ashes will be scattered in accordance with the instruction you gave on the application form
  1. Our representative will leave you to have time for reflection
  2. Our staff will update the records to show the location of the ashes