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What should you put in your grey bin?

Your grey bin should be filled with normal domestic waste, anything that we cannot collect in our kerbside recycling (green bIn) or garden waste collection (brown bin) with a few exceptions.Please wrap or bag all animal wastes such as dog and cat faeces (poo), cat litter and animal bedding.

If you live in a flat you will most likely share one of our large white Euro bins with other residents.  With the exception of presenting your bin for collection, all of the information below will be applicable.




What shouldn’t you put in your grey bin?

  • Please do not put garden waste in your grey rubbish bin if you have a brown bin for the collection of garden waste
  • Any recyclable material that we accept in our ‘Recycling Top 20’ should go into your green recycling bin.
  • Rubble, plaster, general builder’s waste, please dispose of at the tip
  • Cans of paint, dispose of at the tip
  • Electrical items, please take these to the tip

If a wheeled bin contains unacceptable material, it will not be emptied. A sticker will be placed on the bin advising that the unacceptable material must be removed prior to the next collection date.

For the disposal of larger items, such as furniture, a separate collection service is available for which there is a nominal charge. For details, speak to the Contact Centre on 01922 653344 or visit our Bulky collections page.

Walsall Council’s method of collection from domestic premises is a wheeled bin system which is now widely used throughout the country. To report a problem with refuse collection please use our Clean and Green enquiry form.

How the system works

  • Ensure you know your collection day by using our postcode checker
  • Wheel your bin to the edge of your property by 6.30am on your collection day. If your bin is not ready for collection at 6.30am, it will not be emptied until your next collection.
  • The lid on your bin should be fully closed. Any bin with the lid open will not be emptied until the excess waste has been removed.
  • The operators will make every effort to return the same bin to you. You may identify your bin by use of a stick-on house number or name.
  • Once your bin has been emptied and returned, ensure it does not become an obstruction to other highway users and remove from the public highway as soon as possible following collection.
  • Any additional waste that you are unable to fit into your wheeled bin should be taken to a Household Waste Recycling Centre (rubbish tip). The rubbish tips are located at Fryers Road , Bloxwich and Merchants Way, Aldridge.

Every effort will be made to ensure that collection days and times are consistent. Parked cars blocking access may cause us to miss your wheeled bin. Please park considerately.

Bank holiday arrangements

Refuse will be collected as normal on ALL bank holidays except for Christmas, when any revised collection arrangements will be publicised,. At Christmas we will endeavour to keep your collection on the same day each week.

Notification of service changes

If there are any changes to this service the council will notify residents in advance by one or more of the following methods:

  • Newspaper advertisements
  • A sticker on the bin lid
  • A card or letter will be delivered to advise you of any changes in your day of collection due to operational requirements

Replacement wheeled bins

There is a nominal charge for replacement bins – for example, when they are reported lost or stolen, and for new householders and homes. This charge applies to refuse, recycling and garden waste collection services.  For further information on the  Council’s bin charging policy, please see the attached summary.
Bin charging policy summary

Prices for replacement bins have not increased for 2019. The charges are;

140 litre smaller grey bin £18.75*
240 litre grey, brown or green bins


360 litre grey or green bins




You can order and pay for a new/replacement wheeled bin by telephoning us  on (01922) 653344.

* Prices are reviewed annually.