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Trade Waste Contract Information

Walsall Council offers business customers a range of bin types and collection schedules.

There are three different sizes of trade wheeled bins available.

Bin types and prices with effect from 1 April 2019.  Prices are per bin lift.  We do not charge VAT.

Non Domestic Trade Waste
Non Domestic Trade Recycling
Bin Size
Price per bin lift
Price per bin lift
240 Litres
£6.44 £3.92
660 Litres
£10.88 £7.29 
1100 Litres
£14.74 £9.95


Trade Waste Agreements

A copy of our Trade Waste Agreement and application form can be downloaded here.

Please download and print off the agreement form.  Consider your disposal requirements and complete all sections of the application and return it to us at the address specified.

IMPORTANT! Please complete, sign and return the Duty of Care Waste Transfer Note.  This has to be signed and returned to you for safe keeping.  You may be asked to produce it on request.  If you wish to pay by monthly direct debit please remember to return the direct debit mandate.

For further help completing the form please call 01922 653755.

Make Changes to An Existing Agreement

If you need to make changes to either your collection frequency or type of container please download and complete the Trade Waste Amendment form.

Terms and Conditions:

Collection of refuse:

Waste must be properly contained in the receptacle provided.  Walsall Council will only collect waste on the basis of the amount under the terms of your contract.  Excess waste will be charged according to the amount produced.  The waste subject of this contract will be taken to a site authorised to receive such waste under Section 5 or Section 11, Control of Pollution Act 1974 or any successive legislation.

Access to Container(s)

The customer shall ensure the Council's employees and refuse collection vehicles have at all times free and unobstructed access to the containers so that refuse may be emptied directly into the vehicles.  If such access is not provided the council shall not be under any obligation to discharge its duties.

Removal of container(s)

The customer shall not remove the container(s) from the collection address, and the container(s) shall remain the property of Walsall Council.

Inspection of container(s)

The customer shall permit any person duly authorised by Walsall Council at all reasonable times to enter the premises at the collection address for the purpose of inspecting and examining the condition of the container(s).

Care of container(s)

The customer shall indemnify the council against loss or damage to the container(s) or any part thereof.  The customer shall not be responsible for any damage caused by the council's employees in emptying the container(s) and the customer shall not be responsible for wear and tear of the container(s).

Dangerous Substances

The customer shall not cause or permit any flammable, toxic or dangerous substances to be placed in container(s).  If any substances are present in the container(s) the council shall not be under any obligation to discharge its duties.  If the customer is in any doubt as to what is a dangerous substance, he should contact the Trade Waste Team on 01922 653755 or email cleanandgreen@walsall.gov.uk

Description of Waste

The customer is under a legal duty to provide the council with an accurate description of the waste to be collected under the contract to enable to council to fulfil its obligations.

Loose Waste

The council's general policy is only to service containterised waste.  However, the council recognises the need to leave the customer's premises in a clean and tidy condition avoiding any environmental problems associated with loose waste and provided the customer had indicated a willingness to pay a fee based on a site assessment by council operatives, the council shall move occasional excess waste.  If removal of loose waste occurs on a regular basis the council reserves the right to review the customer's container requirements.

Service Schedule

The council reserves the right to change the service days to meet with operational requirements which, where possible, will be notified to the customer in advance.

If, through operational difficulties, the council is not able to service the customer's requirements on the scheduled day the council reserves the right to re-schedule the service to the earliest possible opportunity without liability to the dustomer.

Missed collections

If we miss your collection please call 01922 653755 and let us know.