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Request a new, replacement or bigger bin

Bigger bins

If you have:

  • Four or more permanent and full-time residents in your household
  • Three people living at the property including a child under the age of three, or shared parental responsibility for a child or children which increases the number of residents to 4 or more. 
  • Two or more children under the age of three permanently living at your address

We may exchange your bin for a larger one free of charge:

The size of the bins you will be given are as follows:


Number of occupants  Grey bin size Green bin size

 Properties with 4 or 5 occupants

 240 Litre grey bin

240 Litre green bin

 Properties with 6 or more occupants

 240 Litre grey bin

360 Litre green bin


In exceptional circumstances a 360 litre grey bin may be issued for very large families. Such applications are considered on a case by case basis.


Apply for a bigger bin (download and printable version)

New or replacement bins

You may want to order a bin if:

  • your bin is damaged
  • your bin has been stolen or gone missing 
  • you have moved into another home and do not have any bins

There is a charge for replacement bins, unless

  • The bin is being exchanged for a bigger bin because you qualify as a larger family
  • The bin is reported as damaged by Walsall Council operatives 
  • It is the first bin allocated as part of any service change


Wheeled bins

 140-litre grey bin (standard)


 240-litre grey, brown or green bins (large)


 360-litre grey or green bin (very large)


You can order and pay for a new or replacement wheeled bin by calling us.  You cannot purchase a replacement or new bin that is bigger than that allocated to your property.


Damaged Bins

If your bin is damaged you may not need to replace it.  We can often repair damaged bin lids or wheels free of charge.  Please call the Contact Centre for more information.