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Hazardous household waste

gas-bottles Some products are perfectly safe to use in every day life, but at the point of disposal they become classified as hazardous and require specialist treatment using safe and environmentally friendly disposal methods.

Human Health Wastes includes items such as nappies, these must be bagged before being placed in your grey rubbish bin.

None of the following household items should be placed in your rubbish bin, they should be taken to the household waste recycling centre, or bulky items can be collected from your home;



  • Electrical and electronic equipment (anything with a plug or operated by batteries)
  • Fridges and freezers
  • Household batteries
  • TV’s and computer monitors
  • Fluorescent tubes
  • Car Batteries and engine oil

Clinical waste such as syringes, drugs or pharmaceutical items, should not be put into your bin. Information is available on our medical and clinical waste pages about how to dispose of this type of waste.

Small quantities of chemical wastes such as paint or pesticides can be taken to the household waste recycling centres. Please do not put liquid chemicals into your rubbish bin, once the waste is inside the collection vehicle it is crushed and there is a risk that the chemical will leak out of the vehicle and on to the road. Do not pour chemicals or oil in to street drains as it can pollute local water courses.


Asbestos is a hazardous waste and its disposal is controlled. Asbestos is a fibrous material used as an insulator in buildings and domestic goods. Asbestos can be harmful is breathed in, although its affects may not be seen for years.

If you are a resident of Walsall and intend to dispose of cement asbestos from your home you will need to obtain a permit from us. Permits are available from Clean and Green Services, Environmental Depot, 200 Pelsall Road, Brownhills, WS8 7EN. 

The permit enables you to take the asbestos to Fryers Road Household Waste Recycling Centre in Bloxwich. They will only be issued to the resident of the address where the asbestos originates  and cannot be issued to contractors or traders carrying out work on your behalf. Proof of residency such as a utility bill will be required, as will the make, model and registration number of the vehicle that will be used to transport the asbestos. Contractors or traders cannot take the asbestos to Fryers Road on your behalf.

You will also need to place the asbestos in special asbestos bags that can be purchased at the same time as the permit. The asbestos must be ‘double bagged’ in a red bag and then placed inside a clear bag before it is taken to the household waste recycling centre. The household waste recycling centre will only accept correctly bagged material accompanied by a valid permit. The bags are 219cm x 125cm in size and cost £2.50 each.

Discarded syringes

If you find discarded syringes or hypodermic needles please contact Clean and Green services (24 hour, 7 day service) to organise a collection. During the normal working day the items will be removed within 4 hours. Collections between dusk and dawn will only be undertaken if there is no risk to the person collecting them, if this is not possible they will be removed the following morning.

Scrap Cars

End of life vehicles (scrap cars) must be disposed of through an Authorised Treatment Facility, please see your local telephone directory for registered companies.