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Clinical and medical waste collections

We provide different types of collections for the disposal of:

  •  sharps - needles and syringes
  •  clinical/infectious waste 
  •  offensive/hygiene waste.

What kind of waste do you produce?


 Type of waste

Sharps - this is collected separately to  your regular household waste

 Used or discarded syringes, needles or cartridges - in a yellow lidded sharps container


Please tell us if you already use a cytotoxic or cytostatic sharps box (the box will have  a purple lid)

Clinical/infectious waste - this is collected separately to your regular household waste

Waste which is deemed to be infectious or potentially infectious and subject to special  treatment for disposal, such as wound dressings, swabs, renal dialysis waste or bandages contaminated with blood or other bodily fluids or secretions.

Offensive/hygiene waste - this can usually be disposed of in your grey general waste bin

Non infectious, non clinical waste such as incontinence pads, bed pans or liners, empty urine containers, stoma bags or catheters. It does not include babies nappies or feminine hygiene products.


How do I arrange for my clinical or medical waste to be removed?

You must fill in the clinical and medical waste application form. Alternatively, you can download and print a copy or contact us so we can post one to you. There is a section that must be completed and stamped by a health care practitioner. Your health care practitioners can also advise on on how much waste and what kinds of waste you produce. We may need to visit you to carry out a waste assessment.  We provide advice and guidance on storing and disposing of clinical or offensive waste items correctly to ensure it can be removed.