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Medical or Clinical Waste

From 1st April 2017 Walsall Council will be responsible for collecting medical and clinical waste produced by residents in their own homes.

There are different categories of medical and clinical waste that we will collect:

• Offensive / Hygiene Waste
• Clinical / Infectious Waste
• Sharps (needles and syringes)

These have to be contained and disposed of in different ways. It is very important that you dispose of your waste correctly or we may not be able to remove it.

If you require any of these types of waste to be collected from your home you must complete an application form and tell us what waste you are producing, we will then let you know how it will collected. You can use the same form to tell us if you produce more than one type of medical or clinical waste. Your Doctor, District Nurse or other health care professional who attends to your needs is required to validate your application.

Recyclable Packaging

If you also produce additional recyclable waste, such as the boxes or packaging your medical products come in, we may be able to give you a larger green recycling bin. You can use the application form to apply for a larger green bin. If you are a large family you must provide proof of occupancy for everyone living in your household. We will assess such requests on an individual basis and may visit your home to ensure the service you receive meets your needs.

Walsall Council does not offer a collection or disposal service for unused pharmaceutical products (medicines and drugs). These items should be returned to a pharmacy.