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Big switch

October 2021 update

Standard variable tariffs (SVTs) are usually the most expensive. Previous auctions have secured a fixed rate tariff for customers that's better value. This time, it’s a worse option than staying on your SVT. There is no October offer because there's no benefit at this moment to switching.

Tariff cap

Ofgem set a cap to stop SVTs reaching high prices. This limits the amount suppliers can charge. 

Find out more about Ofgem's tariff cap.

Check if the energy price cap affects you.

Wholesale energy prices have risen this year. The October 1 tariff cap is keeping SVTs low. Fixed tariffs do not have a cap and their price is much higher at the moment. 

Should you switch?

Standard variable tariff (SVT)

If you are on a SVT, don’t switch.

Your current energy supplier may offer you a fixed tariff or a fixed renewable tariff. You can consider accepting if it is cheaper than staying on the SVT. This is unlikely at the moment.

Fixed tariff

If you are on a fixed tariff, don’t switch. 

If you fixed your tariff before the price increase, it's probably a good deal compared to what's on the market now. You should stay on your fixed tariff until the end of your contract. If your contract ends before the winter auction in February, your energy supplier will move you to its SVT. 

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Further advice

If you want to contact a third party, energy provider or comparison website, you are doing so of your own free will.

Make sure you read and understand the terms and conditions of any external third party provider.

We recommend you read and understand any external companies' terms and conditions. This is to make sure you get the best deal and services you need.