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Money Advice

You may be looking for help with debt or just looking for advice on budgeting to make managing your money a little easier.  Alternatively you may need guidance on how to open a bank account or contact your local Credit Union.  There may be additional benefits available to you that you have not considered, or if you are employed you may be looking for guidance regarding your employee deductions.


Below are a number of links to organisations and information pages that may be able to help. 



If you feel that debt is becoming an issue, early intervention can often help stop the problem escalating.



You may be able to get cheaper tariffs or a reduction in your utilities if you are on a low income, please see below links to help you find out about reductions in water charges and also the warm home discount through your electricity company.


Other Benefits

You may be eligible for other benefits that you have not considered.  A good place to start is a benefit calculator, this could help you maximise your household income. 



Many benefits including Universal Credit require you to have a valid bank account or alternatively you may not be able to open a bank account due to previous circumstances and therefore require the services of a credit union.


Employed Advice  

If you are employed and looking for advice on tax, national insurance or work place pension contributions, you may find the following links helpful.


Other useful organisations or services


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