Family Matters 

The Family Matters team met Natasha at Walsall’s Manor Farm Shop last October. Natasha had been out of work for many years whilst bringing up her children. Despite the challenges that come with a young family Natasha had a passion for learning and was keen to take part in a wide range of courses to improve her knowledge and CV. After starting with a First Aid course Natasha went on and completed courses in Food Hygiene, Safeguarding, Supporting Children with Autism and other special needs and Dispensing Medicines. Along with her knowledge and education Natasha’s confidence grew.

The initial plan was to find Natasha voluntary work, but in February, Natasha’s family circumstances changed. Her eldest daughter, who displayed very challenging behaviour and mental health issues, got taken into care. Whilst this was upsetting and a blow for Natasha it did give her the opportunity to seek paid work and improve the standard of living for her family.

Working together, the team helped Natasha apply for a DBS and various jobs. The offer of Natasha’s first interview coincided with the UK going into lockdown as a result of the Covid-19 outbreak. Prior to lockdown a member of the team and Natasha had shopped for clothes for her to wear to interviews and prepared for possible interview questions and scenarios.

Throughout the lockdown Natasha and her mentor continued their work and remained in regular contact. Natasha received a job offer to support adults in their own homes within the community the week commencing 6th April. Whilst Natasha was absolutely delighted to be offered a job, the news relating to COVID- 19 and the loss of life was terrifying. Natasha was fearful of becoming a Key Worker at such a difficult time.  They worked through Natasha’s fears, discussing the risks and the safety measures that could be taken. As a result Natasha started her new job on April 9th.

Natasha has been incredibly determined and brave and the team at Family matters were extremely proud of her. Her job is going well and she has been a pleasure to work with.

Natasha - Walsall (June 2020)

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