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Financial Management 

ERDF can only fund a proportion of the eligible project costs (50%). The remainder must be met from other match funding.

All expenditure must be incurred and defrayed between the project start and end dates as identified in project funding agreements.

ERDF can only be claimed against expenditure included within your project budget that can be evidenced by a clear and transparent audit trail, including invoices, receipts and bank statements (see the National ERDF Handbook).

ERDF is always paid in arrears and against expenditure which has already left your account (defrayed).

Monitoring and Audits

Projects will need to submit monthly or quarterly claims as set out in the funding agreement. Claims should be reported against financial and output profiles. Management and Control Information System (MCIS) is the national management system used for the submission of claims (see MCIS Requirements here). Claims will be scrutinised for eligibility and accuracy before payment is made.

  • Project Engagement Visit (PEV): Typically takes place up to 3 months after the funding agreement is signed to check that applicants understand the requirements of the funding agreement and the required monitoring and audit systems are in place.

  • Project Progress and Verification Visit (PAV):  This is the main compliance check visit and is based on claims and performance to date. All projects are visited ‘at least’ once.

  • Article 16: Conducted by the audit authority on a sample of projects. Checks will be similar but more extensive than the PAV.

Projects may also be visited by the European Court of Auditors, DG Regio, and the National Audit Office (this is not an exhaustive list).

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