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EnTRESS supports Black Country small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) on the adoption of environmental technologies and resource efficiency processes. EnTRESS is an environmental innovation project drawing on University of Wolverhampton’s expertise. Part funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) EnTRESS offer support for SMEs who want to modify their practices for increased sustainability.​


Lead Provider name: EnTRESS (University of Wolverhampton)

Name of business being supported: HugglePets

HugglePets are based in Wolverhampton and operate within the pet supplies, services and distribution industries, as well as offering community engagement through animal therapy programmes.

HugglePets were looking to, identify new products and potentially secure additional revenue streams to promote their community work. EnTRESS support would focus on a number of key areas including:

  • Added value application for cardboard tubing - a waste product from a previous EnTRESS project which had potential to be reused by HugglePets.

  • Biomass & energy creation - HugglePets wanted to look into biomass energy creation opportunities onsite using their cardboard and wood pallet feedstocks

HugglePets approached EnTRESS with a priority area; to source a local supply of boxes which could be reused for their distribution and packaging section of the business. EnTRESS have sought, through a variety of channels and existing contacts to secure a local supply of boxes for the company.

EnTRESS and HugglePets have collaborated to investigate two potential outlets for cardboard tubing, a waste product from a number of manufacturers. One suggested use was as a chew toy or a tunnel for small mammals, a product that could be sold by HugglePets or used by their animals in store. Another suggested use was bespoke packaging to protect the UV lighting & UVB heating bulbs sold by HugglePets which are extremely fragile and can often become damaged.

EnTRESS also helped source local suppliers of cardboard boxes for HugglePets through contacting the Black Country Chamber of Commerce and previous projects. One suitable box supplier was identified and a meeting was set up between the two businesses.

In addition, EnTRESS sought to identify the best options for biomass heating for HugglePets which they may wish to adopt in the future. A biomass consultancy business was contacted that would be able to support HugglePets. EnTRESS advised on what information would need to be provided to the biomass consultants.

For further information on the EnTRESS project, visit the University of Wolverhampton's Entress webpage.


If you are an SME in the Black Country or a company of any size that think you could benefit from the help of EnTRESS, contact the EnTRESS team on 01902 321 871 or email EnTRESS@wlv.ac.uk.

Alternatively you can follow them on Twitter and LinkedIn or check out their website for more information.

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