ESF Action Note - Simplified cost options

Thursday, November 14, 2019

ESF Action Note - Simplified cost options

This action note provides clarification on the use of ESF Direct Staff Costs based on the 1720 Hourly Rate Calculation, including the process of calculating and agreeing the hourly rates per individual ESF Project and the processes to review these rates during the life of an ESF Project.

At the Full Appraisal stage for each ESF Full Application, the Managing Authority undertakes a full review of all ESF Direct Staff Costs proposed by an ESF applicant and the methodologies they intend to use in support of those costs – this includes the use of any 1720 Hourly Rate Calculations.

It is a mandatory requirement that each ESF applicant sets out the details of these costs in their Granular Budget document, submitted to the ESF Managing Authority as part of their Full Application.

 The ‘Staff Costs Master List’ tab in the ESF Granular Budget Sample Template on GOV.UK sets out the details required in support of ESF Direct Staff Costs -


For Clarifications on the correct use and updating of 1720 Hourly Rate Calculations click here 

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