Although we’d prefer you to visit Barr Beacon yourself, by watching this series films of you can find about more about the site and what’s been happening here over recent years as a result of Raising The Barr – the Heritage Lottery Fund project.

The videos have all been professionally produced by Treehouse Media. As well as giving an idea about what to expect on a visit to the Beacon, they also provide an archive of Raising The Barr with the most recent production pulling together the story since it’s official launch back in 2012.

If you’ve taken part in any of the events and activities over the lifetime of the project you may even see yourself on screen.

Here’s the link


Raising the Barr Video

Here is some information about the video clip shown here. This is the Official 'Raising the Barr' video created by Walsall Council.

Bands on the Beacon

This is the Official 'Bands on the Beacon' video created by Walsall Council. It shows the annual music event held at the Barr Beacon.

Beacon Lighting Jubilee

This video shows the lighting of the Beacon during the queen's jubilee celebrations. This one has a bit of a longer description about the video in this text area to the side. Is it still easy to read, or does it become messy?

Rambling Around Walsall

There are some lovely places to go rambling around Walsall, including the Barr Beacon.