Green and Healthy

There’s increasing evidence that green spaces such as Barr Beacon provide a wealth of health benefits.

We’ve already mentioned our healthy walking programme, Walsall Walk On, as one example of how green space can benefit your physical health, but there are lots more ways a visit to Barr Beacon could be good for you.

A recent study has shown that people living in greener urban areas had fewer signs of depression or anxiety and that the effects were longer lasting than say having a pay rise, getting married or even winning the Lottery!

Another study in the USA by the University of Washington reported that green space and being close to nature can provide lots of mental health benefits...

  • Helping to relieve the stress and fatigue of work or studies, leading to  improved performance.
  • When parks and walkways are and incorporated into building design, they provide calming and inspiring environments which can  encourage learning, inspire curiosity and alertness.
  • In addition to physical health benefits, exercise in green spaces improves learning, understanding and memory.
  • Outdoor activities have been shown to ease the symptoms of Alzheimers, dementia, stress, and depression.
  • Contact with nature helps children to develop and improve knowledge and understanding together with their emotional behaviour. Outdoor activities and experiences encourage their imagination and creativity as well as benefiting social relationships.
  • Children with affected by Attention Deficit Disorder, hyperactivity and other similar  conditions have been seen to benefit from spending time in a places like parks and countryside often reducing the need for drugs and behavioural therapy.

    It’s also been shown that hospital patients can recover more quickly when they have a view of trees and other greenery compared with patients that don’t have such an outlook.

    But don’t just take a scientist’s word, visit Barr Beacon or any park or countryside site and see for yourself.