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Barr Beacon History
Pryanka Banerji
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Barr Beacon History

A beacon of light

Throughout history fires have been lit on hills to send messages, warn of danger and commemorate significant events. Barr Beacon's fires have been lit to warn of the attack of the Spanish Armada, to celebrate Queen Victoria's golden and diamond jubilees, when hilltops all over the country were ablaze.

More recently there was a bonfire for 1951’s Festival of Britain, and the Beacon was lit up with floodlights for Queen Elizabeth II's coronation, and a fire for her silver jubilee. A fire was lit on the Beacon in 1995 for the 50th anniversary of VE Day, and the most recent fire was part of the 'People's Millions' project in 2009.

It is even thought ‘Barr Beacon’ means ‘a hill used for fire signals, because ‘Barr’ is Celtic for ‘hill’ or Old English for ‘‘summit’. ‘Beacon’ is Old English for ‘signal’ or ‘fire beacon’.
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