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Barr Beacon Trust

Barr Beacon belongs to the Barr Beacon Trust which is a registered charity. Like the site, the Trust is managed and administered by Walsall Council.

As with anything, it all costs money to look after Barr Beacon and we’re always trying to find different ways to do this in the face of ever decreasing resources. In recent years our work has been supported by the grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund. Now this funding has come to an end we have to find new sources of income. One of the ways will be to look at other grants, but these often take a long time to put together and there are no guarantees that a bid will be successful. Therefore, we would also welcome donations of any size to help us to continue to look after and improve Barr Beacon.

Donations can also help us with funding bids. Depending on the grant we apply for, in some cases, if we’ve got money from other sources, it can often help secure the grant funding.


Sponsorship opportunities

We’d be happy to look at any sponsorship opportunities which could help support the management and upkeep of the site.

As you’ll have seen there’s lots going on at Barr Beacon with opportunities to reach a wide and diverse audience.


If you’d like to discuss donating to the Barr Beacon Trust, please contact us.


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