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Barr Beacon provides opportunities for lots of people with different interests to enjoy their particular activity. Through common sense and courtesy, it should be possible to prevent these activities clashing. We’ve spoken to regular visitors to the site and together we’ve come up with a list of ways to help keep everyone safe and happy.

Here’s our Site Users’ Guide. You can download a copy to print off to take with on your visit and you’ll also find copies at various points around the Beacon.

If you do see something or someone that is causing a problem, please report it either to us or to the police. Even if we can’t do anything straight away, your call will be logged and we’ll have information that could help us deal with the problem later

Barr Beacon Leaflet

You can download the latest version of our full colour leaflet featuring Barr Beacon’s nature trail and healthy walking route.

Alternatively pick one up from your local Walsall Council venue or contact us and we’ll send you a copy for free.

The Mobile App

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