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Assets of Community Value News

Change in legislation
There have been changes to the General Permitted Development Order assets which affect public houses which have been listed as an asset of community value.
Magic Lantern recognised for its community value
A Beechdale pub has been recognised as an Asset of Community Value(ACV)by Walsall Council giving members of the community the chance to buy the building should it ever come up for sale.
Beechdale pub photo
Campaigners asked the council to consider their ACV application to recognise the value of the Magic Lantern, Cavendish Road, to local residents and its role as a commnuity focal point.
The Localism Act 2011 gives communities a right to identify properties which if they come up for sale they would want to try and buy. The legislation does not give them the right to buy the properties but it does give potential bidders the time to put a proposal together.
The panel noted that the property is used to provide meals for over 60s, fundraising activities, sporting activities and events for children.
It will remain on the list of community assets for five years or until the council decides it should be removed.
Councillor Ian Shires, portfolio holder for communities and the voluntary sector in Walsall Council coalition, said: "Throughout Walsall there are buildings and land which are at the heart of community life.
"By ensuring that important local assets are protected this scheme at least gives people the chance to have a say in a buildings future should the owner decide they want to sell it.
"The Magic Lantern in Beechdale is the first building or piece of land in Walsall to be declared an Asset of Community Value. I would like to take this opportunity to note the contribution of Councillor Tina Jukes who has played an active role in bringing this application forward to us."